Daily blurbs Sep. 2003


daily blurbs

30 Sep 2003

07:46:12 # Life VCGDotgnu project probably provides a free graphviz replacement.

27 Sep 2003

08:50:02 # Life gamix new upstream version I am going to package, and upload.

09:33:19 # Today's hack canna build now comes. The difference between the two deb files and my Debian directory CVS repository

26 Sep 2003

07:10:30 # Today's hack canna update. It seems to require autoconf now.

25 Sep 2003

07:51:33 # Life Making new canna package for the new upstream version. Moving over to dpatch from dbs. Main problem will be with doing make clean.

24 Sep 2003

07:21:51 # Today's hack Maintenance of pbuilder, I've added many features that were lacking, and fixed pending bugs. I've considered LUFS for implementing a COW filesystem for non-UML builds in pbuilder. I need to look at how LUFS does all the stuff.

The example code for localfs looks trivial enough. If I ignored file deletions, it's going to be pretty easy. Even if I included file deletions, it will work fine, I hope.

23 Sep 2003

06:15:20 # web maintenance Added devscripts-el and d-shlibs to viewcvs repository.

06:53:31 # dinstall/dupload Updated whizzytex packaging.

07:31:59 # dinstall/dupload Update dmachinemon documents slightly.

22 Sep 2003

06:25:19 # Life dmachinemon package update.

19 Sep 2003

06:13:39 # Life Created testsuite for pbuilder, so that I can check it works automatically. It will create logs, and it will be stored in CVS repository.

18 Sep 2003

07:07:58 # Life I've received the following e-mail message from someone I don't know. Now, is this a new type of virus ?

I'm looking for a guy named Jason M Harvey..I saw a couple of emails to /
from you and him and was

wondering if you had any idea where I could get hold of him.


07:49:33 # Life Moved devscripts-el to alioth, with emacs-goodies.

17 Sep 2003

06:15:26 # Today's hack Update dsh, and try to release. Update webpage.

06:50:00 # Life Found out that to get to Brasil, it will take 250,000 yen for airplane. That's around 25,000 USD.

16 Sep 2003

08:19:54 # Today's hack I implemented windowing feature to dsh; to allow utilizing only 10 rsh connections at one time.

The testsuite is running somewhat properly. I think it's working.

15 Sep 2003

18:46:56 # Life I'm back from my vacation. 5000 unread mail in my inbox. It'll take some time.

5 Sep 2003

22:34:49 # Life UNIX comparison. Interesting read.

4 Sep 2003

20:40:40 # Life I discovered that it's trivial to utilize slirp on pbuilder-uml without changing any code.

pbuilder-user-mode-linux login --eth0 slirp,12345,/usr/bin/slirp-fullbolt

3 Sep 2003

08:17:35 # dinstall/dupload uploaded canna package to preserve user frequency tables.

2 Sep 2003

05:01:35 # Life Clean ./configure; make ; make install for ecasound2.3.0 does work, but adding certain options seems to make something break.

06:07:31 # Life Apparently I shouldn't be using eshell for diff/patch. eshell 'patch' command seems to do some emacs character conversion, and it apparently breaks with patch containing random ^M ^J and tab characters.

07:05:06 # Life Apparently ecasound 2.3.0 does not work with jack. It probably needs 0.80, maybe not. I am yet to try the newer version.

ecasound jack 0.71.2 jack 0.75.0 jack 0.80.0
ecasound2.2.3 OK OK ?
ecasound2.3.0 ? NG OK

07:27:25 # Life upload ecasound2.3.0 to experimental.

22:05:34 # Life Another readlink fix for pbuilder. The debianutils readlink to GNU readlink change was a big change.

1 Sep 2003

07:22:19 # Life Found blog of Dirk Eddelbuettel.

19:55:33 # Life libtool -static option and -all-static options are slightly different. libtool -static will try to link shared libraries, while -all-static should not. I don't know why that should happen, but anyway.

Junichi Uekawa

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