Using whizzytex

What is whizzytex

whizzytex is a real-time previewing system for tex editing in emacs. It is most probably suited for people who are not happy with MS Word operations, and satisfied with latex commands, but not satisfied with the fact that latex requires explicit compilation and previewing. Whenever error happens, the erroring part becomes highlighted, in real-time, so it is easier to find out when you make errors in writing latex documents.

Installing whizzytex on Debian system


Enter the following commands as root:

To .emacs write (setq whizzy-load-factor 0.1) (this is the index specifying how much computer power to use for compiling latex document).

advi 1.2.0-5 and whizzytex 1.1-2 are verified to work, anything older has one problem or another.

Compiling Japanese platex documents

You need to be using emacs. Usually, /usr/share/doc/whizzytex/README.Debian has the latest information.

Write the following configuration to ~/.whizzy/ or on the directory with the .tex file:

INITEX="platex -ini"

If it is all successful, enter M-x whizzytex-mode and start whizzytex. It will start up ActiveDVI, and your preview session will start.

Edit TeX source file and it will be reflected real-time to ActiveDVI window.

For Debian 3.0

For Debian 3.0, configuration is a little bit different. For advi configuration, set /etc/advi/jpfonts.conf to read as follows:

min Mincho /usr/share/fonts/truetype/kochi/kochi-mincho.ttf
goth Gothic /usr/share/fonts/truetype/kochi/kochi-gothic.ttf

and write at the top of the latex source file:

%; whizzy chapter -initex iniptex -latex platex -fmt platex


Little tricks

If you think color for error is not good, you can specify something like the following in .emacs:

(setq whizzytex-mode-hook
      '(lambda () (progn 
                    (set-face-background 'whizzy-error-face "Red"))))

and change it.


Completely unrelated projects which aim to do something similar:

Junichi Uekawa

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