devscripts-el - Debian Developer's emacs utilities


There could be an elisp version of devscripts. I was getting tired of running eshell every time I wanted to debuild.


Wrote many wrappers using elisp.


A fun thing to use. Some weird functionality.

Do M-x debuild and it will execute debuild in the current directory.

Do M-x elserv-start and then M-x pbuilder-log-view-elserv, will invoke pbuilder-log-view mode. If you left the settings as the default setting, you can find the compile logs at http://localhost:8000/~pbuilder/ with the success/failed report of the compilation results.


File download area used to have the latest sources. It currently has dpatch.el and wdiff.el which are incomplete. It is now included in emacs-goodies Debian package, and is maintained there.

Screenshot of usage

It is not a very standard way to use this, but when you have compiled some programs using pbuilder, or with debuild, M-x pbuilder-log-view-function will create an elserv page to view log via http.

The build log listing now shows whether builds failed or succeeded.

Junichi Uekawa

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