DNAS - the Distributed Network Application System

Status update

This project was active in 2002. It was mostly aimed at gaining knowledge with regards to networking topology and experimenting with functionality of such networks. The program and implementation of the protocol have been rewritten at least twice since this version released on the web. This version is no longer actively maintained..


Looking around, there were no system for distributed systems, which allowed to construct something in a P2P way. Thus there was a requirement for a P2P computing environment. Here, a communication system was implemented in a hierarchical manner. With this implementation, software with hierarchical communication topology can be implemented upon PC cluster or the Grid, and application can run on top of it.


dmachinemon-master software provides the master node. dmachinemon-servent software provides the servent (a system which is a server and a client). With these two software, communication backbone is provided. Against this, there is a communication library libdmachinemon is provided. Also, a load monitor system to view the cluster load was given as an example of using the system.


As a result, a easy-to-configure P2P implementation in C was realized. Also, a simple load-monitoring system for a cluster system was realized.

A distributed genetic algorithm is implemented on top of this system as an experimental project. Other applications are currently difficult to find. It may be necessary to think a bit more about other methods. Also, a thorough comparison with other distributed computing environments is required.


It is included in Debian testing distribution. It should be possible to install with apt-get install dmachinemon-master dmachinemon-servent . It is still not quite easy to set up yet.


Junichi Uekawa

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