Daily blurbs Oct. 2003


daily blurbs

30 Oct 2003

07:41:50 # Life I made a dpatch-list-patch mode for emacs. It looks somewhat nice, I guess... It's in devscripts CVS repos.

29 Oct 2003

07:38:30 # Life A manual on creating a PC cluster using FAI and using update-cluster. This seems to be a good reading, and pretty thorough thing.

26 Oct 2003

13:33:43 # Life update-cluster-maccollect is now in C.

20 Oct 2003

05:48:50 # Life find -xdev descends into directories that are bind-mounted. That's too bad.

19 Oct 2003

18:19:15 # Life Fixed typos in libpkg-guide.

18 Oct 2003

10:44:13 # Life debdiff seems to be a good tool to verify that a new version is not too badly changed. I didn't know that. I did the diffing manually.

5 Oct 2003

08:50:03 # Life Note down that devscripts-el is moved over to alioth.

4 Oct 2003

13:24:14 # Life I can probably adapt wdiff to use "cvs diff" with changing launch_input_program.

  if (ignore_case)
    input_file = readpipe (DIFF_PROGRAM, "-i", left_side->>temp_name,
                           right_side->>temp_name, NULL);
    input_file = readpipe (DIFF_PROGRAM, left_side->>temp_name,
                           right_side->>temp_name, NULL);
  if (!input_file)
  character = getc (input_file);

I need to get a way to cvs diff to not use -u. '-f' option for cvs prohibits reading of ~/.cvsrc. That's good.

I've hacked up wdiff to use stdin when it is specified. I'll try and see how it goes.

I've realized it's not that simple, wdiff requires information on the original files, and the extra information cvs outputs seems to fool it.

2 Oct 2003

07:39:40 # Life Read up on LKCD. It seems like an interesting project. Apparently, it can do compression of the dump image. This documentation seems to be a good guide to how to use lcrash

1 Oct 2003

08:00:22 # Life canna seems to be working fine.

Junichi Uekawa

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