Daily blurbs Jul. 2004


daily blurbs

29 Jul 2004

08:16:38 # Life Having investigated problems with pdebuild-user-mode-linux, I've found that most parts of config parsing for pdebuild-user-mode-linux aren't actually implemented. It's probably due to my setup with non-functional UML most of the time; disallowing me from debugging UML version of pbuilder. Gah.

25 Jul 2004

18:26:31 # Life Because I was annoyed by gqview dates not being displayed correctly, I wrote a patch. gqview, and quite a few GNOME applications seem to assume UTF-8 is the locale being used.

diff -ru gqview-1.4.3-orig/src/view_file_list.c gqview-1.4.3/src/view_file_list.c
--- gqview-1.4.3-orig/src/view_file_list.c      2004-04-12 22:42:01.000000000 +0900
+++ gqview-1.4.3/src/view_file_list.c   2004-07-25 18:17:35.000000000 +0900
@@ -1292,7 +1292,7 @@
                                                                FILE_COLUMN_THUMB, (thumbs) ? fd->pixbuf : NULL,
                                                                FILE_COLUMN_NAME, fd->name,
                                                                FILE_COLUMN_SIZE, size,
-                                                               FILE_COLUMN_DATE, text_from_time(fd->date),
+                                                               FILE_COLUMN_DATE, g_locale_to_utf8(text_from_time(fd->date), -1, NULL, NULL, NULL),
                                                                FILE_COLUMN_COLOR, FALSE, -1);

@@ -1312,7 +1312,7 @@
                                        /* update, file changed */
                                        size = text_from_size(fd->size);
                                        gtk_list_store_set(store, &iter, FILE_COLUMN_SIZE, size,
-                                                                        FILE_COLUMN_DATE, text_from_time(fd->date), -1);
+                                                                        FILE_COLUMN_DATE, g_locale_to_utf8(text_from_time(fd->date), -1, NULL, NULL, NULL), -1);
                                else if (fd != old_fd)

24 Jul 2004

11:06:09 # Life After possible more than one year of non-functionality, I've made pbuilder-user-mode-linux testsuite work. It didn't work at all before, thus it didn't function as a regression test.

21 Jul 2004

00:40:23 # Life I've re-uploaded sounds for Mangosteen. They are re-ripped from CD sources, because the mp3 files are now long lost.

16 Jul 2004

07:02:40 # Life I've always just 'exit' from the process 1 inside UML, but apparently that now makes UML exit with error code 1. I have to call /sbin/halt to shutdown the system inside UML. doh.

14 Jul 2004

07:36:27 # Life I've browsed through packages that do not install non-interactively. They tend to have some kind of patches from 1 year ago. They just don't get fixed, apparently. gpm, lprfax, xmcd.

I added a ulimit -f 1048576 to install-test scripts. It should be an improvement, hopefully.

4 Jul 2004

11:02:05 # Today's hack Bug#257511 suggests that HTML files auto-generated by hevea pick up the charset from the current locale. Since I don't want manuals for whizzytex to be distributed in EUC-JP, I would need to set it to something else.

I've later noticed that there is a -charset option that can be specified. Hmm..

3 Jul 2004

10:11:30 # Life debian-builder ? Somewhat simple name; probably the first tool related to the task of building Debian packages which contains the term 'debian'. I'm not quite sure after reading the description what it does; does it build all its dependency ? Does it just do what pbuilder does?

2 Jul 2004

20:01:13 # Today's hack uploaded new upstream of canna, and a trivial fix for ecasound. I'm pending ecasound2.2 to ecasound transition, and hopefully this is my last upload.

1 Jul 2004

06:57:01 # Life New month. I've bought a USB-audio device, and now I can record-and-playback using ecasound. I am hoping to resume doing multi-track recording.

Junichi Uekawa

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