Daily blurbs Jun. 2004


daily blurbs

30 Jun 2004

08:30:05 # Life Finally sat down for keysigning. There are so many keys I'd like to sign, and I'm rather exhausted after reviewing so much. Much left to do. It's going to take several days...

26 Jun 2004

22:08:21 # Life python2.3-dev doesn't depend on python-dev, since when has that done that? Is it since 6 June upload? That's breaking a few things which I don't really want to be bothered about.

20 Jun 2004

17:57:17 # Life Chatted about pbuilder on IRC. I've not been on IRC often recently, due to my lifestyle change. I have, however, relied on IRC while I was attending debconf, and scheduling with people. #debian-devel is one of the channels I feel most at home with, and I like that. Time and connectivity is a big constraint now. I used to be able to IRC all the time with Libretto and AirH" connected to IRC channel all the time while I was travelling, but I no longer tend to do that. I probably need to get my Zaurus fixed up to get connectivity while I'm moving around.

I have really almost forgot about it, but my blog entries have a big problem that they don't have a 'title' for syndication. joshk pointed it out to me; maybe I'll have a hack at adding a title for dancer-diary.el. I used to think titles are really unnecessary for blogging, but Since I no longer really use 'sections', and I would consider titles describing an entry to be more useful.

16 Jun 2004

08:39:50 # Life Trying to do bug maintenance. Bug reports are usually clueless. 'This doesn't work' kind of bug report is usually difficult to analyze and dissect.

15 Jun 2004

23:38:11 # Life I've wrote a little test to test the library version symbols. It is available for download. make clean; make test Will start a test. It has a README file for what it does.

10 Jun 2004

09:17:28 # Life Being back at real life, and getting back to work after debconf has been an interesting experience. There's so much work to do as usual, and I am having problems getting up to speed with everything. Uploading a few packages, reading mail backlogs, I'll probably need another month to get back to normal operation. Sigh.

6 Jun 2004

17:38:13 # Life Now I'm back at home. Uploaded dsh packages to Debian archive, to reflect my changes. I'm too tired to do anything more at the moment, maybe I'll recollect myself later.

2 Jun 2004

06:15:37 # Life Updated libpkg-guide from Stephen Frost's comments.

1 Jun 2004

00:11:47 # Life New month starts in Japan time, it's still end of May in Brasil.

02:03:17 # Life Memo on lamont's talk.

06:19:41 # Life kov talk on Brazil free software. I've missed most of the talk because I overslept, gah.


22:48:08 # Life I've updated the libpkg-guide to include notes on methods to add versioned symbols to a shared library.

23:05:28 # Life Multiarch proposal by Matt Taggart and Tollef Hog Heen. Matt explains upstream changes.

Tollef Hog Heen

Junichi Uekawa

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