Live information
Takahiro Yamada (Key) and Junichi Uekawa(Bass). There used to be others too, but they're long gone. The band itself started in the end of 1998.
Takahiro Yamada
The main man who does the keyboard, trying to be a little eccentric.
Junichi Uekawa
I play the bass. As if I were really that macho.
Hoshikawa Kazuya
(Member since 2004) He plays the drums.
(Member until Feb 2000?) Used to be the drummer.
(Member until June 1999?) Used to be the guitarist.
it is meant to be work-in-progress. It is taking a very long time to produce, mainly because of lack of hardware. The mp3 versions are available for download.

Live piece:

Title mp3
Mangosteen Land 1999-11-28 (ueda, yamada, uekawa) 1999-12 EVE(ueda, yamada, uekawa) 2000-05 (uekawa, yamada)
Mangosteen Chant 2000-03 live 2000-03 rec 2000-05
Birdland (cover) 1999-09
German land / No man's land (cover) 1999-06 (boku, uekawa, ueda, yamada) 1999-11-28 (ueda, yamada, uekawa) 2000-05 (uekawa, yamada)
Fly me to the moon (standard) 1999-03-12 1999-03-14 (uekawa, yamada, boku, ueda)
Ambient 2000-05
August 15th 2000-05
Improvisation 1999-11-28
Recent Status
We have celebrated 6th year of our activity with a musical session. With this session as a catalyst, Mangosteen members are now back and active. We are doing monthly meet-up for practice.

Junichi Uekawa

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