Diary for Oct. 2002


daily blurbs

31 Oct 2002

15:41:23 Today's hack I'm again discussing with libpng upstream. There is a guy who thinks that linking libpng with -lz -lm is a bad idea, and that needs fixing.

16:22:33 Today's hack I've switched to Wonderlust, but I noticed that I seem to have non-configured the MUA. I had an invalid hostname as from:. Hmm..

30 Oct 2002

15:25:59 dinstall/dupload Noticed that mpich wasn't building for hppa and ia64 by a mail by Adam Powell. I've changed by using cc to link instead of mpicc. It should somehow work ?

18:24:13 Today's hack pbuilder has built 5500 packages.

18:36:40 Today's hack pbulider-mode is killing my emacs session. elserv seems to be a bit broken... It could be htmlize. htmlizing large buffers seems to cause some trouble.

23:35:58 dinstall/dupload Today's upload will amount to 12 megabytes. Hm...

23:38:18 Today's hack apt-mode is updated slightly to work better somewhat. A little better.

29 Oct 2002

12:06:56 dinstall/dupload Update the statistics for pbuilding. 5200 packages now build from source

12:26:41 Today's hack My secondary harddisk is dying, again, apparently. dmesg sensed that. I need something new, quick.

12:48:28 Today's hack I added some kind of mutex-locking to devscripts.el

14:13:46 Today's hack I've made a little elisp snippet for obtaining the current buffer that I am editing, and sending that out as HTML. This is a screenshot of mozilla showing what emacs is showing. source

17:52:04 misc http://www.opensource.apple.com/projects/darwin/6.0/release.html darwin 6.0 seems interesting. Are they serious ?? Bootable iso for darwin ??

20:08:52 Today's hack ntemacs starts up inside wine. I could not do that with meadow.

22:46:07 Today's hack I have a very difficult pbuilder problem I cannot seem to track down, it might be a bitrot, or something. My pbuilding partition is dying, so...

28 Oct 2002

03:03:14 Life http://www.namazu.org/misc/changelog2graph seems to be a changelog to graph generator. Hmm..

12:48:02 Today's hack I've prepared NMU for newt-utf8, and fixed libpng3.

15:35:34 Today's hack I'm still hacking on devscripts, and fixing bugs on them... Bugs are introduced on regular basis, and fixed on yet another regular basis.

18:18:49 Today's hack I've sent the patch to htmlize to the mail address scribed in the source code. I have noticed that it has a fatal flaw, but nevertheless, the request is valid. I wonder if I get any action.

22:53:13 dinstall/dupload I am the new newt maintainer.

27 Oct 2002

17:39:05 web maintenance Updated page for devscripts, with screenshots.

18:01:02 Today's hack I set up X to DontZap, after my how-many-times-did-I-do-this accidental ctrl-alt-bs'ing.

20:21:05 Today's hack elserv gives me the following error when I try to access the server while I have minibuffer (like when I have done C-x C-f.

Internal server error

Emacs Lisp error: (error Cannot switch buffers in minibuffer window) 

monitor.el doesn't exhibit this problem. What invokes this error message? get-buffer ? set-buffer ? switch-to-buffer seems to cause it. Good...

htmlize-buffer seems to be calling switch-to-buffer unconditionally, so I patched it to not to do that.

cd /tmp/f/emacs-goodies-el/emacs-goodies-el-18.1/originals/
diff -u /tmp/f/emacs-goodies-el/emacs-goodies-el-18.1-orig/originals/htmlize.el /tmp/f/emacs-goodies-el/emacs-goodies-el-18.1/originals/htmlize.el
--- /tmp/f/emacs-goodies-el/emacs-goodies-el-18.1-orig/originals/htmlize.el	2001-08-25 18:54:27.000000000 +0900
+++ /tmp/f/emacs-goodies-el/emacs-goodies-el-18.1/originals/htmlize.el	2002-10-27 21:08:04.000000000 +0900
@@ -765,9 +765,13 @@
 	    (funcall ,func ,@args)))))
-(defun htmlize-buffer (&optional buffer)
+(defun htmlize-buffer (&optional buffer no-switch-to-buffer)
   "Convert buffer to HTML, preserving the font-lock colorization.
-HTML contents will be provided in a new buffer."
+HTML contents will be provided in a new buffer.
+specifying no-switch-to-buffer to t will not switch the 
+currently displayed buffer to the new buffer.
   (or buffer
       (setq buffer (current-buffer)))
@@ -785,7 +789,9 @@
 	 next-change face face-object)
-    (switch-to-buffer newbuf)
+    (if no-switch-to-buffer 
+	(set-buffer newbuf)
+      (switch-to-buffer newbuf))
     (insert (htmlize-method doctype) ?\n
 	    (format "<!-- Created by htmlize-%s in %s mode. -->\n"

Diff finished at Sun Oct 27 21:10:32

21:23:54 Today's hack and I updated devscripts-el to use that feature...

22:14:05 Today's hack Out of 6387 packages in Debian archive, about 4300 packages have successfully built from source. Is that a large/significant number ? I don't know. There are about 2000 packages which I have not examined. I have open 198 bugs on FTBFS topics.

26 Oct 2002

02:39:16 Today's hack found that there is a backtrace function in libc

25 Oct 2002

12:20:40 Life Some things I thought about last night:

Depends on your taste, really.

12:33:04 dinstall/dupload libpng12 seems to have entered sid. Some response to it has been heard in IRC channels while I was asleep. I don't know if people are having problems with it.

13:10:17 web maintenance devscripts.el description is added.

17:27:06 Today's hack awk 'BEGIN{C=""; } /^[ \t]/{len++} /^[^ \t]/{print C " " len; len=0;C=$1 } END{print C " " len}' ChangeLog seems to give me a list of changelog lines per day. A graph I created using gnumeric from that data. I don't know how I would automate creation of such graph.

20:25:28 Today's hack I've made an charset encoding detection patch for es-wiki mode. It is intriguing.

24 Oct 2002

12:45:55 Today's hack I'm going to hack up something interesting for the sake of hacking it up so that my build failure logs look somehow better. I'm now starting to upload build failure reports here.

14:00:47 Today's hack I've fixed mpich, to get some things built up. I'm working on getting libmpe to work. I hope I've got it working now.

18:16:45 Today's hack Studying how emacs handles lists, and understanding apply function.

18:48:29 Today's hack I've installed elserv, and played with it for a bit. It is funny. Pretty interesting. The development seems to be stalled, but this is a potentially very interesting project.

20:03:39 dinstall/dupload libpng, pbuilder, mpich.

20:48:47 web maintenance Updated some info on dsh. dsh page is updated with links to related works.

21:03:54 misc http://telemetrybox.org/upm/ is a very nice reading, but I only read the first chapter. The text is a longish reading, that I feel pain with. I need more proficiency in reading text, I guess...

23 Oct 2002

14:55:21 Today's hack I added pbuilder mode to devscripts.el It's not heavily tested, or tested at all, depending on your views. I want to change some things to be customizable. You can always hack the source, but I want some other things. There always are some TODOs, and when there are no more, the Project is probably dead ...

16:50:14 dinstall/dupload libpng3 upload was broken, for development packages. I'm going to fix it now.

17:09:11 Today's hack I'm going to fix mpich problem with shared libraries. I'll try and hack something up, and send the resultant patch back to the upstream.

19:32:07 Today's hack I tried to hack libmpe to build some shared libs, but it is not going well.

22 Oct 2002

12:33:38 dinstall/dupload libc6 2.3.1-2 seems to be having a lot of problems right now.. It's very troublesome.

21:25:02 Today's hack d-shlibs, libdshconfig, dsh, ecasound, and libpng3 package are updated. I'm going to upload them all tonight. libpng3 is a major refactoring.

21 Oct 2002

18:16:43 Today's hack http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-testresults/ looks like an interesting read, if you are feeling like it :P

19:26:35 Today's hack /etc/pam.d/rsh has auth sufficient pam_rootok.so. Also, /etc/pam.d/rlogin. It's probably required to be useful with cluster nodes.

23:01:41 Today's hack I prepared libdshconfig/dsh/ecasound packages for upload. I hacked up a bit of png packaging, but I died halfway through trying to make it sane. I really want to make it use debhelper and autotools, but I really don't have the power right now. I have went halfway through debhelperizing.

23:04:34 Today's hack I am re-starting the rebuild of Debian archive, re-checking previously successful builds with pbuilder, to check that packages still build with the new libc and other things. I hope things will go well. I need more manpower to really check this. My machine is too slow.

20 Oct 2002

15:57:41 Life What kind of helpful error is this ?

$ sawfish-client -f restart 
*** Remote sawfish error: unknown error

and how the hell am I meant to debug this thing...

16:21:33 Today's hack Verify that dancer-diary works with newer psgml 1.2.5-1.

18:57:39 Today's hack Something that I noticed, while tracking which behavior:

$ ""
bash: /home/dancer/local/bin//: is a directory

19:52:50 Today's hack updated mikilab-ssh.

20:00:49 Today's hack __ctype_b etc. symbols seem no longer provided by glibc, and not available. Humph.

19 Oct 2002

15:31:48 Today's hack I don't feel much like hacking today, but I've updated devscripts-el a bit more. I am trying to use it a bit more to get a feel if it is actually useful.

18:10:01 Life Hmm... I've not progressed at all today. I just reluctantly played with some minor bugs in DNAS.

18:24:01 Today's hack which "" returns /usr/local/bin and successfully finishes. That gave me a little bit of unexpected pain.

19:16:33 Today's hack http://www.minix-vmd.org/ seems like an interesting project.

18 Oct 2002

19:49:40 dinstall/dupload I've resumed actively filing bug reports on FTBFS bugs for a while, for the last week or so. Christian Marillat doesn't read the bug report and just closes it, but in general, my experience with people, and their response has improved. There are less people who argue whether the bug should be fixed at all. That is good.

17 Oct 2002

14:49:29 dinstall/dupload Upgraded gs and gv to 7.05. I've got an impression that it has improved speed, nad much improved over 6.5.

16:31:15 Today's hack Installed cvsweb on duke.doshisha.ac.jp

17:16:34 Today's hack downloaded kernel 2.5.43 trying to resume speed with kernel development. Trying to configure it to see that ALSA is available there. That is good. Nice to see that.

  gcc -Wp,-MD,drivers/net/.ppp_generic.o.d -D__KERNEL__ -Iinclude -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -pipe -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 -march=i686 -malign-functions=4  -Iarch/i386/mach-generic -nostdinc -iwithprefix include -DMODULE -include include/linux/modversions.h   -DKBUILD_BASENAME=ppp_generic -DEXPORT_SYMTAB  -c -o drivers/net/ppp_generic.o drivers/net/ppp_generic.c
drivers/media/video/cpia_usb.c: In function `cpia_probe':
drivers/media/video/cpia_usb.c:546: parse error before `)'

It seems like LOG(""); is not a valid format, LOG("", NULL); can and should work. It successfully compiled, but I don't have enough courage to make it work on my machine...

16 Oct 2002

20:24:32 Today's hack I've done devscripts.el hacking, and other hacking of elisp. It's pretty fun.

20:27:01 dinstall/dupload pbuilder is now going to be fixed, thanks to hmh. I think.

15 Oct 2002

15:50:02 Today's hack Hack mpicc script to handle .s files. I think there are other things available as well.

diff -u mpich-1.2.4/util/mpicc.in.orig mpich-1.2.4/util/mpicc.in
--- mpich-1.2.4/util/mpicc.in.orig	2002-10-15 15:48:02.000000000 +0900
+++ mpich-1.2.4/util/mpicc.in	2002-10-15 15:48:29.000000000 +0900
@@ -264,6 +264,11 @@
 	        compileargs="$compileargs $arg"
 	        fname=`basename $arg .c`
 	        linkobjs="$linkobjs $fname.o"
+	    elif [ "$ext" = ".s" ] ; then
+	        DoCompile=1
+	        compileargs="$compileargs $arg"
+	        fname=`basename $arg .s`
+	        linkobjs="$linkobjs $fname.o"
 	    elif [ "$ext" = ".o" ] ; then
 		if [ $HasDashC = 1 ] ; then
 	            compileargs="$compileargs $arg"

16:13:50 dinstall/dupload automake* now provides automaken in sid.

19:52:48 dinstall/dupload Worked on updating hotkeys a bit. Applied and collected some patches, added some comments to BTS.

20:31:12 web maintenance Added page for dlisp.

20:36:05 dinstall/dupload update yc-el to 3.4.12

20:54:15 Today's hack Java backend for C compilers: http://www.csee.uq.edu.au/~csmweb/uqbt/egcs-jvm.tar.gz JVM assembler: http://mrl.nyu.edu/~meyer/jvm/jasmin.html(GPL) and http://siesta.cs.wustl.edu/~djh4/ (free for educational purposes?)

21:06:29 Today's hack I downloaded Blender GPL source, to see how it looks like.

22:10:36 Today's hack I wrote devscripts.el, an emacs routine to suppliment devscripts, the tool for Debian Developers. An example of output html-ized using htmlize.

22:27:17 Today's hack I hacked up debian/README.Debian syntax highlighter. This might be a pretty interesting hack. Looks pretty. Really.

14 Oct 2002

00:35:19 debian-test seems like an interesting system, after all those hacking on automake and testsuites. But it's buggy. Some maintenance will be required, I guess.

03:59:02 Today's hack dancer-diary: I've fixed up documentation problems. dmachinemon I appliied setsockopt patch, with SO_REUSEADDR to see how things are, it's not improved much. I also patched the thing to daemonize.

12:30:46 Noticed that there is a add-to-list function in elisp. Change dancer-diary and dancer-report modes to use that instead.

16:48:52 Today's hack I've hacked up a few things to get "category" to be working. This actually looks good.

19:00:44 Life I've got cold.

21:20:10 web maintenance I've updated dancer-diary mode, and some CSS styles and other misc things in the page. Software page is enhanced now.

13 Oct 2002

22:55:51 On Saturday, I viewed Mibu Kyogen. And listened to string quartet in Zuishin-In, in the classic Japanese garden filled with Moth. It was good. I enjoyed that very much, but it seems like I caught a cold.

23:55:58 Today's hack (this is very convenient for me, as a emacs user).

(defun debuild ()
  "Run debuild in the current dir"
  (let* ((debuild-buffer "*debuild*"))
    (switch-to-buffer debuild-buffer)
    (kill-region (point-min) (point-max))
    (start-process "debuild-process" debuild-buffer "/usr/bin/debuild")))

11 Oct 2002

14:42:10 Debian/netbsd attracts me...

14:50:22 http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2002/debian-hurd-200210/msg00049.html HURD J2 image has been released, it seems. GNU under bochs: http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2002/debian-hurd-200210/msg00074.html Seems good.

16:41:35 I tried to set up good networking inside hurd/bochs, but it failed due to keymap. I cannot input ":" inside hurd/bochs. It was probably due to "fr" coding...

16:44:19 I fired up my sparc machine, but it fails to let me log in ... damn. And SSH is really slow with UltraSPARC. I'll just upgrade the thing to sid, and get the latest openssl. It should be accelerated. .. and yes it is. Very amazing.

17:16:50 Today's hack Implemented base.tgz locking for pbuilder. I have done some preliminary testing, and it kinda works good. It's not perfect, and there is a possible race condition.

18:14:38 Today's hack Hacked up a bit on RNAS module of DNAS system (dmachinemon). More modules...

19:45:40 Reading http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net/arch-port.html, it seems like porting effort is nontrivial. i386 binaries are mapped at 08048000- and 40000000(shared libraries). sparc binaries are mapped at 0000000000010000 and 0000000070000000(shared libraries).

trap functions, but I don't know where in the stack it locates the syscall. I actually don't know how sparc works in terms of syscalls... it seems to use

10 Oct 2002

12:43:35 http://www.openi18n.org/ There seems to be a new site for li18nux.

13:04:17 Today's hack I'll need to upload dancer-xml to Debian before I get a new version of update-cluster installed to Debian. It seems.

GNU Lightening seems very interesting. http://sources.redhat.com/cgen/ also. It seems like a very interesting tool, which seems to relate to what I am trying to do. Wow, it's written in scheme. http://sources.redhat.com/ml/cgen-cvs/2002/

14:30:18 It is weird, but I am not accustomed with scheme enough to know. I played with cgen but I could not figure out how to make the package at all. And reading the mailing list logs, apparently, things are already used in binutils ? And yes... it seems like it. Interesting. I wonder what the simulator part of cgen is being used in.

17:43:30 http://sources.redhat.com/ml/sid/2002-q4/msg00001.html seems interesting. sid. Would ./configure -prefix=/... --target=mips-unknown-linux gain anything? http://sources.redhat.com/ml/ecos-discuss/2002-09/msg00027.html is a note on running eCos on sid.

17:54:42 and I noticed that sid snapshot includes cgen code. And compiling SID seems to take forever...

18:03:29 deb Hack: update-cluster, dancer-xml, d-shlibs. update-cluster is pending for dancer-xml. yc-el is also updated.

18:55:34 I'm not really motivated with debian-installer right now, because there are too many pending tasks around that project, and I don't think my commitment would benefit at all, considering the amount of free time that I have right now.

9 Oct 2002

16:11:32 pbuilder build run has resumed, and it has been running fine. It has successfully built 4381 packages right now. I will make it re-try on the FAILED and DEPWAIT packages, so that I will know these failures should be looked at. About 2000 bug reports to go ? Why did it increase that much ?

16:46:06 http://www.filter24.org/seq24/ looks like a nice web page.

17:46:23 http://www.dgate.org/vmips/releases/vmips-1.0.4/VMIPS sounds interesting. It checks for full mips cross tools when compiling and building. I don't have it handy right now, I'll come back when I do... There seems to be Debian packages by the upstream and upstream seems to be using Debian for development. Nice.

18:19:19 Discovered that there was someone who noticed this page, so I added a link back. Please link to http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/diary/index.html.en. Which should be functional at all times, even if viper2 is down...

20:18:27 fixed dancer-diary.el so that it reads config file from dancer-diary-config.el

20:18:43 misc fixes done to dancer-report.el for ISDL Reports page.

21:07:02 I've noticed that m68k and arm do not seem to have a working python, and update-cluster fails to build from source due to that. Hmm...

7 Oct 2002

18:45:29 Played around with rarpd. I checked sources from RedHat, and noticed that Debian source doesn't seem to have lagged behind at all. It is either noone is using rarpd, or it is working fine. I've seen some patch... http://people.redhat.com/zaitcev/linux/rarpd-ap1.patch I don't know if it is good.

6 Oct 2002

19:24:50 Hacked up emubin up a little bit more. It is now autoconf-ed.

5 Oct 2002

20:56:10 New version of BEAST does not build from source on architectures where sound is not available on the build daemons. Damn.

4 Oct 2002

16:38:50 Like things are very busy around here..

17:04:21 Noticed that there is a new version of BEAST

2 Oct 2002

16:34:36 Been reading the kernel sources. I want to know how ld.so loads up ELF binaries, and how ELF binaries are arranged.

Junichi Uekawa

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