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30 Sep 2002

18:25:06 Hacked on dsh and libdshconfig so that it can be compiled on both solaris and AIX systems.

29 Sep 2002

19:53:21 There was some kind of package called libpoe-component-something-perl and it was sending logs out while building until my HDD filled up. Yikes. I hate it when it does that. I need to have ran it in a different partition.

21:23:52 hacking on dancer-xml routines. It is rather buggy and low-quality at the moment. I am adding several testsuites so that I can check out all the bugs that are in the code.

25 Sep 2002

20:13:26 gaim ja.po is miscredited and my name doesn't seem to appear in the file. Looking at that file, someone seems to have tried to merge two files with strange options. There are MS-DOS return codes everywhere, and things look pretty broken.

23 Sep 2002

00:52:50 I have learnt how to use automake to make testsuites for programs. It is really trivial. Add some scripts to TESTS= fields and voila, the scripts are executed. adding programs to check_PROGRAMS will allow programs to be compiled before the tests are run.

16:04:19 I improved on my software downloads page.

22 Sep 2002

17:19:44 Hacking on dsh and pbuilder, as bug reports started piling in yesterday. Interesting.

17:20:00 I had a good time last night. There was a tea ceremony celebrating "the most beautiful full moon of the year" which happened to be yesterday. The tea ceremony was good. We had some serving of ODEN, and some "Sasa sake", which is some Japanese Sake heated up inside some bamboo, and served with bamboo cup. I like this kind of Japanese beauty.

21 Sep 2002

10:07:22 I have found and placed the problem in update-cluster scripts. They did not work with ash. Thinking about it, I didn't write that part of shell code.... hmm.

20 Sep 2002

21:34:26 I've implemented comma-delimiting in dsh. It is now possible to specify multiple hosts for -m option in dsh, delimited with a ",".

19 Sep 2002

13:04:09 fixed dsh bugs, with -ci option. I wasn't closing enough file descriptors. Also some config file parsing is fixed.

18:14:42 debootstrap NMU is prepared. It should work now, after exim postinst is fixed.

18 Sep 2002

09:57:03 Added note on athlon-builder being merged to pentium-builder. There was a stale note on the software page, with a dead link.

16 Sep 2002

14:38:08 I've created an updated translation for doc++ for Japanese. All of them seem to be rather outdated.

16:35:37 I am extensively hacking on pbuilder-uml. It is getting good. It is almost working. Some configuration need to be done. Yay.

15 Sep 2002

16:10:16 pbuilder for User-mode-linux has progressed slightly, but how to progress after initial action is not really clear. Network configuration is a bitch, I think.

14 Sep 2002

13:32:44 dsh 0.20.4 released. It has some cosmetic fixes, and the biggest point now is: -rssh -cn4 option works as expected now.

14:19:13 Created fix for osdclock so that it is installable again.

13 Sep 2002

12:47:34 ecasound does not build on hppa. Problems:

g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I. -I.. -I../kvutils -O2 -D_REENTRANT -DNDEBUG -ffast-math -fstrict-aliasing -funroll-loops -Wp,-MD,.deps/audioio-loop.pp -c  -fPIC -DPIC audioio-loop.cpp -o .libs/audioio-loop.lo
samplebuffer_impl.h: In member function `void SAMPLE_BUFFER_BASE<T>::copy(const 
   SAMPLE_BUFFER_BASE<T>&) [with T = sample_type]':
audioio-loop.cpp:56:   instantiated from here
samplebuffer_impl.h:100: Internal error: Segmentation fault
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <URL:http://www.gnu.org/software/gcc/bugs.html> for instructions.

12 Sep 2002

12:09:55 Love is a difficult game to play.

22:31:16 I've hacked up hotkeys to work better. It's looking nice and happy. I've worked on dsh i18n, and it's also working fine, I think?

11 Sep 2002

16:45:34 I have hacked up hotkeys package, so that it works. This is good. I think.

9 Sep 2002

15:36:15 I am met with mystery of debootstrap not working on my system for sid. Weird.

18:28:28 I'm working on i18n of debian-installer.

18:57:27 Package ladspa 1.1

7 Sep 2002

12:49:10 Morning hack, played with debian-installer portions.

6 Sep 2002

12:59:01 Added a new script to pbuilder, which satisfies build-time dependencies before running debuild.

14:26:04 Pretty much frustrating to communicate with people who think something which is more broken and has less checks in it is better.

16:42:16 I'm feeling furiously unwell, but I'm working furiously quickly as well. Strange.

17:38:53 I've finally got uml booting with rootstrap. This is fun.

5 Sep 2002

17:18:20 I generated something that feels like what udebootstrap should be. I'll start hacking on it.

18:03:54 and I have something workable, and potentially fun.

4 Sep 2002

16:03:43 pbuilder run is not getting very well. linda seems to break sometimes. Weird. Loops hard on "diff".

3 Sep 2002

22:01:05 Processed mail. I have a very large backlog, and there are too many people who just don't understand. Please, people, if you can read the manual, please do read. If you don't want to read the manual, follow what I say. Don't make me explain every word again, which is already documented in the manual.

22:10:33 http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/flite/index.html seems like a very interetsing project.

1 Sep 2002

14:13:52 Start of a new month. I've visited Tokyo, and found out exciting stuff. Shibuya changes.

14:29:51 Debian-devel had a lot of traffic while I was away. There seems to be another thread about ardour.

Junichi Uekawa

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