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30 Nov 2002

15:47:45 Life shit, gnome2 lost all my customization for some reason. Annoying.

16:10:13 Life and I realized that this is VERY annoying indeed.

28 Nov 2002

16:57:06 dinstall/dupload Upgrading libc6 to 2.3.1-5. I installed gauche and it didn't work. It died with an error saying there is a missing __libc_stack_end symbol.

Rebuilding the package against new libc fixed the problem.

27 Nov 2002

14:47:28 Life http://www.oksid.ch/gnewt/ seems to be interesting. Redhat seems to have been shipping that library.

14:52:27 dinstall/dupload I tried to check on new newt sources, but a simple google search didn't turn up a match.

16:31:50 dinstall/dupload dsh_0.23.5-1.dsc libdshconfig_0.20.8-1.dsc pbuilder_0.50.dsc update-cluster_0.40.3-1.dsc and newt, newt-utf8.

26 Nov 2002

15:47:46 web maintenance Updated libpkg-guide so that things are a bit more updated.

25 Nov 2002

11:48:35 Life I have updated so many packages, I need to check things up.

21:52:12 Today's hack Been hacking a bit around some packages. Anthony Wong replied to me saying that he is resuming work on his hotkeys package.

22:02:40 dinstall/dupload d-shlibs, ecawave, pbuilder, yc-el.

24 Nov 2002

16:55:36 Life I am back home to Japan, with a very bad jetlag. I don't really feel like doing anything right now, I feel too sleepy.

22 Nov 2002

02:06:01 web maintenance added link to Top500 Linux alliance mailing list.

04:04:20 web maintenance Joel Becker seems to have written an implementation of dsh in C. I added a link to that to the list of dsh compatible software.

20 Nov 2002

05:42:17 research http://afiis.doshisha.ac.jp/sc/top500/195.html Xenia cluster of Doshisha university ranks at 195th. Congratulations to myself. I worked on some kernel portions of this project.

16 Nov 2002

05:52:38 Today's hack I'm hacking vigorously on what I am going to do for my demonstration, but I am finding libretto to be too slow to compile. When I am using libtool to create shared library plugins, it takes too long to compile..

06:45:45 Today's hack I'm re-starting to hack on networking and macdump support for update-cluster. macdump seems to be non-portable, and seems to be using an obsolete interface, but I don't know what would be better...

15 Nov 2002

12:23:05 Today's hack Debian is about Integration. Debian is not about development of software. Debian integrates what has been integrated. non-free can be removed when non-free is not necessary any more. We still do need some parts of it for our daily operation. Debian is not some paid project to develop with our goals. Debian is not forced to develop something. We can integrate good, but we are not particularly good at meeting release goals or something like that. Forcing something to happen has not been successful before.

14 Nov 2002

04:26:00 Today's hack I installed wireless-tools in libretto to get better wireless access. Things probably will improve slightly, I hope.

23:54:56 Today's hack Discussion about libpng not linking with -lz -lm is still ongoing. I have found many technical problems with that approach, but it is not being communicated over to them... very frustrating.

13 Nov 2002

13:06:45 Today's hack Learnt how to use the (interactive) command in elisp. This is a very useful sequence to optionally allow interactive input for some bits of elisp. This allows for automated testing of emacs lisp programs in some occasions.

13:25:54 Today's hack I changed apt-el to be more colorful by adding more font-lock and checked the documentation string with checkdoc-interactive. I have not uploaded it since I do not have internet access right now, I hope I remember to do so when I go back.

23:22:21 Today's hack I have reconfigured syslogd to dump all DEBUG messages to a console that I don't usually use. However, I do not really seem to be able to get much more info from pump. I wonder what the problem is with my computer and the network.

23:31:04 Life Then, something happened, and I am now connected. Strange. This is weird...

12 Nov 2002

05:08:36 misc Matt Kraai's web page seems to be updated quite often, and every time I look at it it seems to have lesser and lesser information. Hmmm..

07:36:12 Today's hack Updated update-cluster documentation in CVS.

10 Nov 2002

11:02:23 Today's hack Hacked libdshconfig, dlisp, and devscripts-el a bit in the CVS repos.

11:11:13 web maintenance I've updated some pages on software pages.

2 Nov 2002

12:09:44 Life Busy.

1 Nov 2002

09:19:11 Today's hack pbuilder run finished. with 5573 packages. Took from 21st, to today. 12 days?

19:40:34 Today's hack I've imported mhc to my local CVS. Problems I see with mhc:

Junichi Uekawa

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