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27 Jul 2002

18:54:01 I've hacked on gaim today. Hacked on it for about an hour, and I figured out that utf8-to-string conversion routine was not really doing that. I tried to fix it, and it seems like most things are now working.

25 Jul 2002

17:20:47 Play with libpng.

24 Jul 2002

16:34:24 Read "first love" by Turgenev. It was sweet, warm, cold, unkind and sorrowful.

18:01:07 Trying to enlighten some kid maintaining xine. He doesn't get it.

I'm getting a lot of hate-mails related to upgraded severities. Stupid. Fix those bugs, idiots.

23 Jul 2002

14:33:49 File download area is now generated with a CGI

17:41:41 I have a lot to do. It's interesting that I am so overloaded. I need an Athlon machine to play with that is idle and bored.

21:47:12 fix pbuilder package slightly. Good.

21:58:13 read diskless code a bit and feel depressed with the Object-Oriented perl. gah.

22 Jul 2002

20:50:04 My motivation is lacking somewhat with regards to some stuff. It's hard.

22:41:31 I'm running the following script at some random server to see how linda does.

 find ~/mirror-test/debian/pool/main/ -name \*.deb | while read A;  do linda $A > $(basename $A)-lindalog; done

21 Jul 2002

22:41:54 Touched a bit of mpich.

20 Jul 2002

08:39:09 Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 has released. It needs some congratulations, and some beer.

17:02:00 I'm entering my high-concentration mode.

19 Jul 2002

17:34:26 I created a record of my trip to Canada/U.S.

22:00:00 added pictures to my trip record.

15 Jul 2002

03:16:36 I'm enjoying this conference I am attending to. It is good. In my trip I visited 3 conferences, and it is interesting that things turned out that way. I did enough sightseeing, and I enjoyed walking around in the streets.

8 Jul 2002

03:08:42 Reading libpng sources to see if something looks suspicious. I think it has not much suspicious parts by grepping it. I saw that this thing tries to support Windows CE and weird stuffs. I don't like it very much... It has a ./configure script that prints out "there is not configure script, use the makefile".

03:16:26 The talk about *BSD/Debian was cool. It excited me a lot.

04:08:18 I've read bug report #57087 and I've noticed that libtool is in pretty bad shape. Sigh.

04:16:01 dlerror is probably a problem child because second call to it returns a NULL. It should probably return the same string, and we would all be happier.

04:33:23 So I get to get this HP harddisk ??? Interesting.

7 Jul 2002

03:37:46 Update a bit of pbuilder. Debian Conference is running. SELinux is too hard a concept to grasp, I was too concentrated on food and other things.

03:42:06 Jet Lag is very much a problem. This is about 3pm local time, but it is 3am in Japan, and I am feeling extremely sleepy.

03:43:42 Chat with joeyh, about debhelper and shared library installation, I talked about d-shlibs, and installation of shared libs to packages depending on SONAME. It's pretty difficult to dynamically generate debian/control on the fly but I worked around the problem by doing a check of the package name instead of generating the package name dynamically. Joeyh didn't like adding checks to debhelper, the check is already in linda, so there probably isn't a problem.

1 Jul 2002

14:43:39 Working much. I've committed my paper. I hope it goes well.

Junichi Uekawa

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