Diary for Jun. 2002


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29 Jun 2002

18:35:06 Pretty much worn out, as usual. I'm busy getting prepared for misc things that I need to be prepared for.

25 Jun 2002

14:14:04 I realise that not so many people are going to join Debconf. hmm...

22 Jun 2002

00:21:09 I wrote a little snippet of program to create vcg output for cflow. cflow is a program to generate C program flow diagram out of C source code, displaying what function requires what other function. This little snippet of code will convert the output into vcg format, so that xvcg can display it. Cool! I've put it up on my software page.

20 Jun 2002

02:07:34 I swam in water. It was good.

12:21:26 I've hacked up dotty output of apt-cache to generate xvcg output. It seems pretty trivial to do. But the program is taking ages to complete... I might have gotten something wrong.

12:51:55 It's working, I've put it up in the software page.

17 Jun 2002

00:21:44 I have my doubts about mpich and its distribution. I don't like the viewers included in the MPE along with mpich.

14 Jun 2002

18:22:28 Japan won. Victory. This is amazing.

11 Jun 2002

17:46:17 mpich packaging has advanced somewhat, and I will upload it to the Debian archive. I would have liked to fix it more, but it is pretty hard.

10 Jun 2002

15:22:01 I enhanced my Makefile.am for dmachinemon, it is getting better. I like the look of it.

5 Jun 2002

18:16:27 Sent a note back to jack Debian maintainer about what I would like him to do before uploading a next version.

3 Jun 2002

19:21:23 I've fixed up my diary style a little bit, to make it look somewhat more appealing to some people. It might be less appealing to others tho'.

1 Jun 2002

12:05:45 I'm so much tired...

15:41:21 Mentors is a term which I am not very used to. Whatever.

Junichi Uekawa

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