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28 Aug 2002

15:53:00 Running pbuilder, and running linda on the result, "diff" package seems to repeatedly cause linda to do an infinite loop.

26 Aug 2002

15:07:45 I'm feeling happier. But my PC on repair seems to be taking ages. They are not responding to my request. They don't know yet how long it will take... it's already been two weeks.

24 Aug 2002

16:10:14 I'm back from my little trip for making a presentation of my research. The trip itself was pretty good. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of email I am facing right now.

19 Aug 2002

08:34:55 Much hacking, and writing up, and presentation making. Prosper is not very good for progressive editing, possibly, because it takes too long to compile and see how it is done.

18 Aug 2002

00:11:45 I haven't been running pbuilder runs lately, and I re-started doing that. It seems like autoconf transition is breaking a lot of applications. I would like them fixed, or fucked. autoconf 2.50 handles conditionals differently than autoconf2.13, or could be automake, and build rules are pretty broken.

17 Aug 2002

17:26:35 As expected, people don't understand the situation and blindly close bugs. Humph.

I need to read this: http://www.usenix.org/publications/library/proceedings/als2000/full_papers/browndavid/browndavid_html/

16 Aug 2002

00:14:39 `linkers and loaders' is apparently a good book. http://www.iecc.com/linker/ seems to be an online copy.

19:00:43 gimageview will fail to load png files if it is recompiled now with the new gdk-imlib-dev, because it links with gdk-pixbuf-dev, which links with png2.

22:05:42 Discussed a bit about http://people.debian.org/~willy/c++transition.html on IRC. It seems to be problematic, but we can't really go on like this forever... When gcc-3.2 compiles on arm and m68k, we might be looking at a very big transition.

15 Aug 2002

20:32:34 I'm impressed that dia has improved considerably. I love this application.

12 Aug 2002

19:58:15 I've hacked up scripts to make libpng to be autoconf/automake'd. It should be good.

11 Aug 2002

16:49:21 My Notebook PC broke down yesterday after I dropped it from a chair. I will have difficulties doing anything for a while...

10 Aug 2002

00:43:32 Updated update-cluster, using automake/autoconf and stuff. I am planning to get this working with other tools and so on.

15:40:04 I released a new version of dancer-xml fixing some minor issues, and updating to the latest source in my local repository.

I seem to work on my source trees and release them out while in holiday seasons. Although I didn't intend to be that way.

8 Aug 2002

02:30:21 Update libpkg-guide. I have discovered that there was a libvorbis package breakages last week.

13:13:31 Morning work: checked out module for debian-installer and hacked on it. Fixed libdebconf shlibs and other things.

16:54:30 I've been looking for information on libpng12. They have versioned their libpng libraries, and they have versioned their header files so that they can coexist. But that won't solve anything, really.

This thing is ugly and difficult to handle. It seems like some of GNOME is already moved over to libpng12.

18:04:52 I cannot find the resource to tell me why a transition to libpng12 was necessary, and I don't really see a mailing list or anything. Pretty much difficult. There are minor patches in Debian source that did not propagate upstream, I wonder if the previous maintainer had problem communicating.

19:11:56 Updated the record of my U.S. trip info with notes on a quote from Corinthians that impressed me.

7 Aug 2002

16:10:29 Play around with libpng. It's a very circumvented package to play with, with an upstream who has gone very far away from what we are doing. Strange. What is libpng10.so.0 anyway. Where did libpng.so.2 gone.

6 Aug 2002

18:19:56 I am now happier than before, because my life has improved significantly. Somehow, it is strange.

But I am not quite back to normal about my life. I don't have much motivation to work.

3 Aug 2002

07:37:12 I have come back from my trip. They are doing some electricity work at University that there is a planned power failure today and tomorrow, which essentially makes me without anything to do.

Junichi Uekawa

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