Daily blurbs Jun. 2011


daily blurbs

26 Jun 2011 (Sun)

10:06:49 # Life Merging and testing. I've uploaded pbuilder and cowdancer with all NMUs included. I think the tests pass and things look reasonably good, and nothing should break because all the NMU diffs have been incorporated. In all of the NMUs I saw zero lines of test code change, so these aren't unit tested or regression tested, but manual tested. Something I want to see change is to see people having test code updated on every upload or bugfix.

11:03:27 # Life I don't think my bug reports appeared yet. So far I filed two bug reports and waiting for a while; BTS doesn't seem to accept my mails. Something changed?

25 Jun 2011 (Sat)

08:16:01 # Life Looking at accumulated NMUs. There have been 4 NMUs to pbuilder and 2 NMUs to cowdancer (or rather, qemubuilder built from the same source tree). First task to resume work is to merge those changes back in to the git tree.

22:12:55 # Life ca-certificates. I think someone is trying to install files in random character code.

Running hooks in /etc/ca-certificates/update.d....
updating keystore /etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts...
  added: /etc/ssl/certs/ACEDICOM_Root.pem
  error adding /etc/ssl/certs/AC_Ra?z_Certic?mara_S.A..pem

2 Jun 2011 (Thu)

08:05:07 # Life The increasing number of facebook "friends". Apparently I have 113 "friends" in facebook. So far I don't think I have seen any interesting things happening within facebook. I saw a breakdown when my mixi contacts exceeded 100 people, and I started deleting stale connections. I don't know who to delete in facebook because I only been approving people whom I know in facebook, unlike in mixi where I used to become Friends as if it was a routine ritual in tech conferences.

Junichi Uekawa

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