Daily blurbs Jul. 2011


daily blurbs

14 Jul 2011 (Thu)

08:28:40 # Life Tried running qemu-user-static. It seems to work at least for armel, apart from some weird cdebootstrap brokenness on stable. It's much easier to control than a QEMU system image and having to maintain a linux kernel. I saw a bunch of qemu: Unsupported syscall: 341 (arm_sync_file_range?) and Unsupported ioctl: cmd=0xc020660b but that didn't seem to affect a lot. I see a somewhat outdated page in Debian Wiki about this set up. I think most problems have been solved and things are much simpler now with current Debian stable.

$ sudo cdebootstrap --arch armel --foreign sid . http://localhost:9999/debian
$ sudo dpkg -x ./var/cache/bootstrap/libacl1_2.2.51-2_armel.deb .  # something is broken, fix it.
$ sudo dpkg -x ./var/cache/bootstrap/libattr1_2.4.46-2_armel.deb .  # something is broken, fix it.
$ sudo cp -a /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static usr/bin/	
$ LC_ALL=C sudo chroot . ./usr/bin/qemu-arm-static /bin/bash
# /sbin/cdebootstrap-foreign # this will run second-stage install.
# # now you have a working shell!

4 Jul 2011 (Mon)

07:17:59 # Life cron report for approx. It's a bit hard to figure out which line this error comes from.

Failure: malformed line: </html>
run-parts: /etc/cron.weekly/approx exited with return code 1

08:49:43 # Life The last few, or 10 months. Reading my own vacation mail 10 months ago, a little bit of memory comes back. I was busy adjusting to my new lifestyle, living with a baby. My lifestyle needed some adjusting when I got married, because I no longer had the liberty of spending my free time on Debian as I see fit. My spare time was no longer my spare time, but the time I could spare to give my wife my attention. Now with my baby things are slightly more different. My home is no longer a peaceful loverly home it used to be. It's a battlefield fighting with diapers and food being thrown away randomly. But I enjoy it.

My Debian packages suffer though. I don't get to do everything at the same time.

1 Jul 2011 (Fri)

07:35:16 # Life Tagging words. I tried calculating TF/IDF for tokyodebian monthly report. I found that mecab isn't very suited for this task.

Junichi Uekawa

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