Daily blurbs Jan. 2009


daily blurbs

25 Jan 2009 (Sun)

14:04:36 # Life Theo's post on hardlink backup tools made me think. In his post, Wanted: Incremental Backup Solutions that Use a Database , he proposed making a incremental backup solution on Database (RDBMS). He's right that hardlinking files so much is putting load on filesystem, especially when fscking. One thing is that although conceptually RDBMS is handling relations, physically (and practically) they are doing similar stuff with hardlinked filesystems. They are just optimized differently, tuned for their 'fsck' behavior with many hardlinks. So, there could be a filesystem which can be tuned for hardlinking. Of course, just because I thought about it it doesn't mean I have come up with a good solution to the problem.

18 Jan 2009 (Sun)

22:26:48 # Life Tokyo Debian Meeting. Tokyo, 17 Jan 2009. Main topics discussed were, installing on Aspire One, installing on Sony Vaio P, configuring kernel (generating .config) from lsmod information, and other interesting stuff.

13 Jan 2009 (Tue)

06:57:51 # Life Depressed. I tried to add a new partition with gparted, and somehow all of my partition tables are gone. I don't know how to recover from here... Too bad. Does it have a problem with FAT and GPT partition tables? ... and I recovered partition table from /var/log/installer/partman.log. Gparted tip; I can specify 'unit B' to use the values I can see in partman.log. Good luck that power didn't run out...

# parted
unit B
mklabel gpt
mkpart primary fat32 20480 209735679
mkpart primary hfs+ 209735680 37656481791
mkpart primary ext3 37656481792 47656482303 
mkpart primary ext3 47656482304 120034106879

# gptsync

UPDATE: there is a tool called testdisk which can scan disk and recover partition table.

12 Jan 2009 (Mon)

17:13:23 # Life Mail server isn't broken anymore. But the concept of email itself looks broken to me. I have 97391 unread e-mail in my inbox.

7 Jan 2009 (Wed)

08:40:46 # Life Broken mail server. netfort.gr.jp isn't accepting mail for me this morning. It's currently broken somewhat.

2 Jan 2009 (Fri)

15:58:22 # Life 2009 starts. I'm still playing with android.

Junichi Uekawa

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