Daily blurbs Dec. 2008


daily blurbs

31 Dec 2008 (Wed)

22:24:48 # Life Year 2008 coming to an end. It was an exciting year all around.

30 Dec 2008 (Tue)

17:46:03 # Life Using Multicore CPUs with pbuilder. I did have distcc and ccache set up on my system, but I didn't have multiple build setup on my system. Strange. dpkg-buildpakage takes '-jX' option for parallel builds, and pbuilder supports --debbuildopts for passing down build options. I usually pass on '--debbuildopts "-I -i "', so I can just change that to --debbuildopts "-I -i -j5 " to make it build in 5 parallel mode.

21 Dec 2008 (Sun)

05:47:24 # Life Last night was Tokyo Area Debian Meeting for this month. 18 people assembled to discuss Debian, looking back at what happened in 2008, and looking forward to 2009. I talked about my experience using sqlite. There were talks about using dotty, ocaml, translation, how to turn your wife into a Debian user, and others. It was fun.

12 Dec 2008 (Fri)

08:54:26 # Life iPod Touch Remote. Craft a webserver application on your MacBook. Create a web page with two buttons, up and down. Using Xtest, handle up button with a PgUp key, and down button with a PgDn key. Connect to your webserver using iPodTouch, and voila, you have a iPodTouch remote controlling your presentation. Prepare your MacBook with avahi so that you can connect with random wireless environment. The up/down picture is not good, looking for better contributions. Source available from git clone git://git.debian.org/git/tokyodebian/monthly-report.git, utils/ipodtouchremote

5 Dec 2008 (Fri)

21:54:11 # Life Presentations with movies. I wanted to prepare a presentation with movie image. accentuate, a fork of keyjnote and impressive, the renamed version of keyjnote looked promising, but does not seem to work with video. Although very impressive, keyjnote development isn't too active. I don't like the design requiring the extra '.info' files for managing extra effects in PDF. latex-beamer could just dump special PDF commands into the PDF file and let keyjnote parse it?

Junichi Uekawa

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