Daily blurbs Feb. 2009


daily blurbs

25 Feb 2009 (Wed)

22:10:01 # Life Updating my package release scripts. Because I have a lot of scripts lying around for package releasing, and have been using git for a long time, I have a lot of scripts which call git with the name git-xxx. I just fixed another one today. It gets annoying when I have to keep on 'fixing' something when it's conceptually not broken.

8 Feb 2009 (Sun)

05:48:17 # Life Offline qemubuilder hacking. I am on airplane for 6 or so hours, and found that approx has an offline mode. Nice. With '$offline true' configuration on /etc/approx/approx.conf, approx will try to serve the outdated Packages.gz etc files to the client. It only works when you have previously already downloaded the required packages once, but that was good enough to debug the problem of qemubuilder not running for mipsel and armel. I broke it sometime ago, I have git head running locally now which seems to be running.

2 Feb 2009 (Mon)

14:09:12 # Looking at manualness of postrm. Purging involves removing a few files, but deletion of these files are left to postrm. piuparts is good that it can be checked, but adding an rm to every single package isn't a good solution and prone to errors / debugging.

Junichi Uekawa

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