Daily blurbs May. 2004


daily blurbs

31 May 2004

01:10:25 # Life SPI Workshop by Benj Mako Hill. A non-accurate transcription. TODO: update from what's on photograph.

07:20:09 # Life My presentation on pbuilder. There were interesting responses such as pbuilder usage against upload-queue, adding support for running pbuilder before dupload/dput etc. The presentation is available on my debconf4 page.

mgp -g 640x480 -D 20040530-pbuilder.d 20040530-pbuilder.mgp 

vorlon commented that dpkg-checkbuilddeps should work with pbuilder for installing packages, I may try looking into it.

23:03:44 # Life Bdale: porting talk. I've had been to Forro last night and I'm not thinking clearly...

There are more notes on Debconf4 presentations for June 2004 entry.

30 May 2004

10:06:10 # Life Spent all day in a social event in the Gramado city; visiting Canela falls, and shopping around. The lunch was very sweet; too sweet for my taste, but I guess strong flavor is Brasilian style. Japanese style is too zen to them.

13:09:36 # Life Hacking on dsh to add a feature wishlist 249794. Adding another testsuite to the number of tests, and getting code included as patch to bug. I've verified with this operation that versioned symbols is somewhat working with libdshconfig.

22:56:33 # Life Been looking at my pbuildd failure logs and noticed that Frederic Schueler has been filing and sending patches against FTBFS bugs on those packages already. Hmm... quick job.

23:01:08 # Life Kenshi Muto and (chris) Bubulle on I18N on Debian.

Kenshi's talk

29 May 2004

02:40:55 # Life Componentized Linux, by Ian Murdock. I missed most (almost all) of the talk trying to register myself into the trip tomorrow at the front desk.

28 May 2004

02:11:49 # Life Steve Langasek; Dependency in Debian. Dependency changes are hard things to track in Debian. ELF allows dependency. Deban is not doing much. Build-chain; linked to a series of packages A package depends on packages that really don't use, libs depending on other libs pulling in dependency chains. Out of 1522 lib pkgs in Debian, only 8 package survived with same soname since glibc migration.

04:02:16 # Life Matt Taggart: backporting BOF memos. Backporting is done in a distributed manner, it should be better off with some centralization. Why is backporting required ?

08:50:05 # Life Tried to set up uim-xim/anthy on amiga/ppc machine. I had to set up XMODIFIERS and locales (LC_ALL and locale.gen) with ja_JP.UTF-8 to get it working. uxterm had Japanese input working. To start uim, shift-space. Input some alphabet, and pressing space will enter kanji-translation mode. Enter will select the character.

22:05:05 # Life Caiperinha workshop last night was great.

27 May 2004

00:12:33 # Life I've now arrived at Debconf SESC. The entry was a bit crowded and confusing, but here I am at SESC. The airport taxi cost 30R$ to arrive to SESC from airport; is that a reasonable amount ?

06:26:02 # Life I have neglected to update my laptop for a while; and I'm paying the price for it now. I'm recompiling the kernel to get pcmcia wireless card working.

I'm hoping to accomplish the following things:

22:08:13 # Life Debian-installer session by JoeyH memo.

23:05:51 # Life GNU build tools; Scott James Remnant (Keybuck) Tips and tricks.

22 May 2004

20:27:22 # Life I'm in Brasil now. Pretty much disconnected from the internet at the moment. Will probably re-connect when I arrive at debconf.

20 May 2004

16:25:12 # Today's hack I'm at Narita airport. My orinoco card isn't recognized by my kernel and I do notice that I have not included orinoco module for my kernel. too bad I didn't check before I depart; if I start building my kernel here, I'll probably not complete before the plane departs. I've hacked up danceracpi so that my battery monitor functions properly on recent linux kernel. ACPI changes too often. The formatting of /proc text should never change, really, especially on a stable kernel. JAL global lounge is a nice place to stay in; I like this.

I've noticed that the reason orinoco wasn't created was that include/wireless.h has WIRELESS_EXT[tab]16 instead of WIRELESS_EXT[space]16, which Configure script for pcmcia-cs was checking. Due to the oldness of code in woody, and newness of kernel, that was it. Gah. I hate changes. But a good rehabilitation for hacking; I'll hopefully be intensively hackin in the next few weeks. Other changes; I need $CONFIG_NET_PCMCIA_RADIO to be 'y', but I can't find that config anywhere... damn

To debug the situation, I can use the cardctl command.

# cardctl status 
Socket 0:
  5V 16-bit PC Card
  function 0: [ready]
# cardctl config 
Socket 0:
  Vcc 5.0V  Vpp1 5.0V  Vpp2 5.0V
# cardctl ident
Socket 0:
  product info: "Lucent Technologies", "WaveLAN/IEEE", "Version 01.01", ""
  manfid: 0x0156, 0x0002
  function: 6 (network)

19 May 2004

07:04:21 # Life Changelog-to-rdf.el is complete, and it's now feeding this site's Changelog to this site's planet.

15 May 2004

13:51:06 # Life I've finally received the tickets and the visa for Brasil. That was close.

12 May 2004

07:41:18 # Life Sent public key for keysigning.

07:52:35 # Life There was a offer from Eric Wasser for an RPM of dsh and libdsh. I asked for a spec file, because hosting a binary RPM from random person on my web page is not something I intend to do.

6 May 2004

04:30:30 # Life verified that current version of soundtracker does not work with current version of jack somewhat. That's rather unnice.

06:54:44 # Life ecasound2.3.3 is released upstream, it makes the current Debian package in a difficult position, because I've been trying to keep it in a fixed state for now until sarge release.

5 May 2004

15:51:23 # Life I've put up the paper for Debconf4 in my webpage. I've got an impression that the paper submission seems to have had some problems, and hasn't gone through. Although I don't seem to experience any response from the team, telling me if there is a problem or there is no problem, I'm trying to send it through to someone who may be there through different media.

19:42:33 # Life It was a festive season in Japan. Many people are still enjoying holidays until 8th, and I was away on a trip until today.

2 May 2004

11:53:18 # Life Looking at build failures list, it seems like most of X-dependent packages are failing to build. conflicting types for wchar_t in xlibs.h, and something else.

1 May 2004

00:56:13 # Life 'GPL Reading party' in Yokohama, with a legal expert as the presenter. The talk was about how Japanese copyright law holds. About firmware code under GPL, under Japanese law, since the author is licensing the firmware code under GPL, that's how you are granted the license to 'riyou' (use, as defined in the copyright law) the code. 'shiyou' (use, which is outside the scope of copyright law, including executing the program, and excluding the modification) is not in any way restricted.

Junichi Uekawa

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