Daily blurbs May. 2003


daily blurbs

29 May 2003

22:48:39 # Today's hack Improved dsh manual pages and added Japanese translation.

23 May 2003

00:00:55 # Today's hack Fixed programs which no longer work with gcc-3.3. include <cassert> on ecamegapedal/ecawave.

21 May 2003

00:26:05 # dinstall/dupload I uploaded jackd 0.71.2, which should be NEW-processed soon.

20:33:46 # Life Debian multimedia list is created.

20:44:21 # Life PSG sent me a patch on readme-debian.el, so I updated devscripts-el.

23:07:35 # Life gcc-3.3 has become the default compiler.

20 May 2003

23:35:48 # Today's hack Compiled jackd today and it seems to be working. jackd -d alsa -d via -s is the command-line option. I am trying to recompile ecasound2.2 to test the new version.

23:59:12 # Life Verified that ecasound 2.2 can play audio through the jack alsa device. I can upload this version, apparently.

23:59:57 # Life according to Masatoshi Suehiro, a patch to /usr/share/groff/1.18.1/font/devps is required to properly format groff documents in Japanese.

19 May 2003

20:43:30 # Today's hack I got libjack 0.71.2 to compile, and soundtracker to compile, but it doesn't work. jack_lsp segfaults. This is bad news.

18 May 2003

12:38:15 # Today's hack Hacked wysihtml to use customize.

16:08:43 # Life Tried creating DVD backup of my home directory, which is approx 4GB. With mkisofs, it took 11m to create the image, and dvdrecord took 30m to write the image.

23:07:44 # Life soundtracker 0.6.7-pre4 is released.

17 May 2003

00:06:39 # Life After having noticed that jackit-devel looked quiet, I noticed that I was no longer subscribed to the mailing list. There seems to have been several new upstream versions. I need to check if they are actually stable/usable.

11:22:07 # Life Checked DVD-recording. Apparently cdrecord in Debian has the necessary patches for DVD-writing, as Ben Collins has forward-ported from dvdrecord. I needed to enable IDE-scsi emulation in the kernel by specifying hdc=scsi on the kernel parameter, and reboot. I updated /dev/dvd symbollic link to point to /dev/scd0 instead of /dev/hdc, so that I can play DVD.

16 May 2003

22:35:48 # Today's hack Hacked devscripts-el so that it supports defgroup/defcustom.

23:50:33 # Life HP-UX filesystems: I noticed that vxfs readonly driver is at least available after browsing the net. It seems HP-UX hfs filesystem is not readable from Linux, or at least I could not find any info.

13 May 2003

22:26:55 # Life Checked that DVD can be replayed. It only requires about 10% CPU load. Good.

11 May 2003

02:21:25 # Life Bought a TV tuner card, GV-BCTV6E. It took me about 5 hours to configure, but I got it done. I can see TV now.

10 May 2003

08:40:08 # Life A page that displays Debian testing problems, showing the reasons why a package does not enter the testing distribution.

6 May 2003

22:41:04 # Life I received several inquiries about dsh in the last few days. It's interesting, I wonder why.

1 May 2003

07:14:13 # Life New month. I need to fix my drivers license.

Junichi Uekawa

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