Daily blurbs Jun. 2003


daily blurbs

29 Jun 2003

11:37:49 # Today's hack Sent an emacs-wiki patch to get euc-jp working fine per default. I don't know if there are many people really using this thing.

12:39:31 # web maintenance I've touched the CSS file for a change. I've left it as it is, but the way it is too different from other pages (other pages are black-on-white and this page is white-on-blue) was rather unnerving.

14:09:51 # Life Ardour 0.9beta1. Paul is trying to release something.

23:05:39 # Life Forward-ported Libretto-L2 patch for kernel 2.4.21.

25 Jun 2003

00:23:35 # Life Bought a new HDD since my current one is breaking down. I'm working on replacement and backup process.

20:54:19 # Life libpkg-guide fixes, debian-copyright.el patch from PSG, pbuilder-libc interaction.

16 Jun 2003

23:59:45 # Life Checked jack-audio-development-kit status and saw that there were problems. I'm recompiling pd, to get things up and working.

15 Jun 2003

15:06:24 # Life Linux-magazin.de had a mention of dsh and sudo, and reading it more closely, it's an interview of MadKiss. Hmm.. I don't have a faintest idea about German, so it's a bit difficult to parse more than that.

7 Jun 2003

02:21:41 # Life Fixed dsh bug, and now it is releasable. testsuite is a good thing to have. It is now possible to obtain resonable error exit code from dsh.

19:28:40 # Life Updated ja.po for gaim 0.64

5 Jun 2003

22:00:41 # Today's hack Hacked on dsh to return reasonable return code based on parallel execution results.

4 Jun 2003

23:07:30 # Life pretty interesting article on C10K problem for writing servers serving more than 10000 clients.

1 Jun 2003

00:10:28 # Life In order to get Linux Zaurus to connect to my main machine, I am trying 2.4.21-pre6 kernel now, to compile and build.

Junichi Uekawa

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