Daily blurbs Apr. 2003


daily blurbs

29 Apr 2003

00:30:03 # Life ecasound 2.2.3 is availble, I am building packages for it now.

27 Apr 2003

08:49:48 # Life There were demonstration Opteron machines available at Akihabara, and I touched them. I tried ldd'ing some binaries and using objdump and other things. Most notably, shared libraries are searched under /usr/lib64/xxx, not /usr/lib/xxx.

26 Apr 2003

01:38:33 # dinstall/dupload mpich is now uploaded by Adam C. Powell IV, and libpng is now uploaded by Josselin. I can feel that the takeover has occurred.

20 Apr 2003

00:26:29 # Life Updated ja.po for xchat-2.0.1. xchat-2.0.1.ja.po.

19 Apr 2003

11:55:00 # Today's hack Fixed pbuilder D hook so that it works as advertized.

17 Apr 2003

23:16:25 # Life Update pbuilder documentation, note that /tmp cannot be used inside UML.

15 Apr 2003

19:38:23 # Today's hack Note that pbuilder requires the latest rootstrap.

13 Apr 2003

17:47:03 # Life I updated ja.po for gaim 0.61.

11 Apr 2003

00:17:45 # Today's hack wysihtml 0.7 release. Minor, but important improvement over usability of Docbook.

9 Apr 2003

00:04:47 # Today's hack Noticed that UML requires different options for mounting hostfs as root, so changed the options in pbuilder-user-mode-linux to handle that.

23:46:16 # Life mpich/libpng/newt/diskless are adopted.

8 Apr 2003

23:05:12 # dinstall/dupload wysihtml fix, pbuilder-uml umount fix, xmms-ladspa sponsor. Wrote mail to -devel saying I would orphan some packages.

7 Apr 2003

21:51:24 # Today's hack Downloaded alsa-patch-bay-0.5.1.tar.gz legasynth-0.4.1.tar.gz amSynth-1.0-rc2.tar.gz octavian-0.1.0-pre-beta.tar.gz. I tried compiling them all to see how things look like:

alsa-patch-bay and amSynth compiled and ran. alsa-patch-bay seems interesting, especially wrt jack.

6 Apr 2003

20:31:02 # Life It often happens that sourceforge is under maintenance whenever I try to do anything. It must be Murphy's law at work.

5 Apr 2003

10:48:43 # Life I need some patching done to readme-debian.el etc. for working with xemacs, but the patches I have received for xemacs seems to break on my emacs.

16:10:19 # dinstall/dupload Hacked d-shlibs and dlisp, so that dmachinemon can be compiled. dmachinemon needs a bit more shuffling.

I'd NMU freqtweak so that it is installable. Then finally, jack related packages are up-to-date with 0.50.0

2 Apr 2003

21:35:52 # Today's hack I might have done a very stupid hack with d-shlibs. Hmm... this was silly.

I added debclean to devscripts-el.

1 Apr 2003

19:19:08 # Life Life is running fast.

Junichi Uekawa

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