Daily blurbs Mar. 2003


daily blurbs

31 Mar 2003

01:40:07 # dinstall/dupload uploaded udeb for libpng3. I checked dmachinemon deb package, and found that I need a lot of things done before I can upload them.

30 Mar 2003

01:33:05 # dinstall/dupload Try to prepare rosegarden4 NMU, since it seems to be a bit outdated, and uninstallable.

10:56:19 # Life Martin Michlmayr became DPL, and Bdale retires.

29 Mar 2003

13:12:06 # Life Did some research on tea, and tea ceremony. It's interesting to see that so many people have a lot of things on the web. I don't know nearly enough to be able to serve people to represent Tea Of Japan, as it were, but anyway, I know enough to enjoy myself, and wish to learn more.

21:30:50 # dinstall/dupload Uploaded dancer-xml and update-cluster.

27 Mar 2003

19:32:23 # Life My paper was in a Japanese newspaper. It seems grid-related things are attracting attention.

25 Mar 2003

01:46:51 # Today's hack Update d-shlibs. ecasound 2.2.2 packaging. I need to update a few packages before I get around to 2.2.2.

13:02:40 # dinstall/dupload ecasound2.2.2 release to Debian; ecasound/ecawave/ecamegapedal.

21 Mar 2003

00:37:12 # Life apt-mode is attracting attention.

newer version of ecasound 2.2 series is released (2.2.2?), and I need to package that. I probably need to get a new version of jack packaged also, considering that people have debugged it enough and new things are now introduced after the ladmeet, which I have not attended.

20 Mar 2003

08:51:29 # Life I tried to fix readme-debian.el for xemacs, but things don't seem to work. Hmm..

19 Mar 2003

10:29:34 # Life apt-util and apt.el are drawing interest, and I received several requests for merging the two. Maybe I should just bundle the two in my tarball ?

21:43:01 # Life Drink tea. The leaves are from Koyama-en, branded "Ao-arashi".

17 Mar 2003

22:51:53 # Life I tried updating libpkg-guide, but light went out in the bus, and I don't think I can continue reading my memo in the pitch-dark environment. Humph.

23:50:55 # web maintenance And I managed to update libpkg-guide. That is good. I've updated about many things that were pending in my mind. I think I have a whole lot revamped section on dlopening and its effect on Debian packages. I probably need to be more explicit about its effects, I only wrote the observations and results, but I'll leave that to a later date. This place is not suitable for such work.

11 Mar 2003

15:54:20 # dinstall/dupload I uploaded a very big pbuilder upload last night, and it was enbugged. hmm.. lack of testing, perhaps. There were some basic things lacking here and there.

And to investigate sparc problem on a ultrasparc machine.

6 Mar 2003

14:25:48 # Life Rather busy, but bugs do appear.

4 Mar 2003

00:19:51 # dinstall/dupload soundtracker pre2

00:20:01 # Life I practiced wearing Japanese Kimono. It's rather difficult, but easier than ladies'.

1 Mar 2003

11:29:32 # Life An idea of having a system that works with postgresql and pbuilder is winding around my head. Hmm..

14:39:37 # dinstall/dupload dpatch seems to have been updated pretty actively.

15:18:44 # Life soundtracker is getting very interesting.

Junichi Uekawa

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