Diary for May. 2002


daily blurbs

30 May 2002

15:01:47 I'm right now overloaded, I will be less overloaded, soon.

15:04:06 I found that IFRAMEs are supported notation in HTML 4.01. I'll probably use it in my diary system because my TODO is getting harder to maintain.

21:11:46 I'm over-tired.

29 May 2002

12:54:01 My current build log, timed with: for A in SUCCESS/*.log; do echo $A: $(awk 'BEGIN{i=0} /^pbuilder-time-stamp: /{T[i++]=$2} END{print T[1] - T[0]}' $A); done | cut -d: -f2 | sort -n. This is only a rough estimate of real time, and there were some problems on doing the run.

SUCCESS/evolution.log: 1318
SUCCESS/sbcl.log: 1336
SUCCESS/wxwindows2.2.log: 1343
SUCCESS/quantlib.log: 1348
SUCCESS/gal.log: 1417
SUCCESS/xfree86v3.log: 1464
SUCCESS/qt-embedded-free.log: 1589
SUCCESS/appunti-informatica-libera.log: 1679
SUCCESS/alsa-modules-2.4.16-i386.log: 1904
SUCCESS/big-cursor.log: 2024
SUCCESS/kdelibs.log: 2354
SUCCESS/scalapack.log: 2394
SUCCESS/qt-x11.log: 2417
SUCCESS/koffice.log: 2473
SUCCESS/mozilla.log: 2551
SUCCESS/kde-i18n.log: 2594
SUCCESS/mozilla-snapshot.log: 2595
SUCCESS/ace.log: 2628
SUCCESS/kdebase.log: 2753
SUCCESS/qt-copy.log: 2886
SUCCESS/lapack.log: 3200
SUCCESS/mercury.log: 3297
SUCCESS/aplus-fsf.log: 3549
SUCCESS/vtk.log: 3740
SUCCESS/ghc4.log: 3958
SUCCESS/ghc5.log: 4985
SUCCESS/gcc-snapshot.log: 5171
SUCCESS/aethera.log: 7360
SUCCESS/achilles.log: 19103

28 May 2002

19:18:08 gcc-3.1 makes my computer feel very slow. It is a very slow compiler to compile things with. There seems to be a -march=athlon-xp option to compile with... lemme compile bochs.

27 May 2002

21:13:24 I posted a little mail to debian-devel, noting on how to use pbuilder to compile with gcc-3.1. It should work fine, I hope. I do not have much idea on how well it will do though.

26 May 2002

13:09:25 Installation of dancer-diary is rather hairy on others' system. It requires so many things that are not available on most systems. I'm happily using CVS to maintain everything, but not everyone does. I like CVS for using it to maintain sources on about 10 machines that I regularly use, but that's probably something that others do not particularly agree about.

Someone was talking about using TEXMFCNF=/path/to/dir/with/new/cnf/ to set up local tetex configuration override.

25 May 2002

20:44:34 I'm handling some libgtk2.0-0 and libpng3 related matter, and libxine0 related matter. They are somewhat troublesome. libxine0 seems to be more of the problem, because the maintainer seems to have given up on supporting users. Troubles.

24 May 2002

14:51:21 I've uploaded soundtracker Debian package, and sent an updated ja.po to respective maintainers. Updating ja.po requires several steps. Running cd po; make update-po to update the ja.po file, and using emacs to edit ja.po. Using key bindings such as f and SPACE keys to find the fuzzy and untranslated strings, and using TAB to unfuzzy a string, and other things.

23 May 2002

12:16:40 I've received a request to update xmms-ladspa. I'll go and check.

22 May 2002

12:20:17 updated the libpkg guide slightly to document some new examples of png breakage.

20:21:42 Surprisingly this is my birthday, and I have become 23. I feel aged.

21 May 2002

23:27:02 I'm currently overloaded with everything. Too bad.

17 May 2002

19:59:42 I've seen one occurrence of "broken available file" error from dpkg. Are we releasing woody with this strange error ? Things suck, really badly.

15 May 2002

15:06:19 I'm planning to solidly concentrate on paper and research for two weeks from now.

22:36:20 Uploaded adbbs NMU. However, there are approx 500 packages that need to be fixed. I don't know if they all can be fixed.

22:57:22 I didn't know SO stood for Significant Other, and it was a politically correct way of saying ... whatever.

14 May 2002

18:00:12 Hacking on other things, and many bits. Debian will not release if nobody cares about it releasing. I wonder if it will ever release, but when it has the architecture and system, I think it can release, yay.

13 May 2002

01:23:20 Fixed some incorrect usage of the term SONAME in the libpkg-guide.

10 May 2002

19:12:57 I found a few packages that cannot be built from source because they require internet access to cvs.debian.org, trying to do a cvs checkout of some documentation. This is ridiculous.

9 May 2002

01:20:43 Updated dancer-xml to add some documentation.

5 May 2002

17:41:10 My machine started rebooting for some reason. Very scary. The temperature rose above 70 degrees C.

23:02:18 I uploaded soundtracker. It is my package now. mine, mine, mine!

1 May 2002

12:01:29 I am doing things for others, I don't have time for myself. Or the other way around. Woody is really nigh, or someone would quit Debian.

Junichi Uekawa

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