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30 Apr 2002

18:48:46 Fixing up minor mistake in mpich packaging. I really think this packaging scheme does not scale up, and it is painful.

19:24:42 Reading the kernel, 2.5.11 supports KT333 chipset. Maybe I shall need to patch 2.4.18 source to support my motherboard. It is getting too painful. 2.4.19pre7 seems to support KT333 chipset. Maybe I'll try and patch it in.

29 Apr 2002

01:01:50 The HDD of this libretto is making a funny noise right now. It is rather unnerving.

28 Apr 2002

15:05:20 Time passes very quickly, and I have to make many decisions. I have been playing around with all sorts of things. I don't know what I should be facing. .

24 Apr 2002

09:37:03 Many things happen unexpectedly. Many things aren't really prepared for. I need to be prepared for many things. I didn't expect to have my machine break down so much in April, and I didn't expect to have so little time for writing papers. I didn't expect to take so much time looking for my future job. This is all so unexpected. I should have known.

21 Apr 2002

11:52:54 Updated mangosteen page slightly. I haven't updated the pages much since I started to work for recruitment. This is kinda scary.

20:18:14 I bought a AthlonXP 1800+ and a new mobo. It seems to be moving cool.

20 Apr 2002

16:19:58 I need to fix some more features to dancer-diary.el. The most important point would be to have some easy-to-use methods for "plans".

16:26:10 Feeling the hugging. I liked the soft hug she gave me today. That's all so dear, everything so dear fades away, nothing but the memory of it remains.

17 Apr 2002

10:10:40 Added notes on libtool versioning, -release, and -version-info, to library packaging FAQ. Recommending -version-info.

14 Apr 2002

12:31:15 The most interesting thing is that the people who argue the most about shared library naming, are the people who break shared library upgrades. It is very interesting. I need to finish my documentation and send it around more widely so that these people can get some kind of clue.

23:58:16 Parameter incompatibility bug in wget is fixed, probably. I've sent a patch, and it was incorporated. I didn't debug the code too much, though.

23:59:14 Release procedure consists mostly of compromise. Getting it actually released, and getting a really good thing out, is orthogonal as a goal.

11 Apr 2002

09:57:16 Considering devlibdeps program, or some shlibs-autopackagement program. It would be better to automate the process than let those people create broken Debian packages. However, automation has one disadvantage. Automation means we trust the decision by the upstream authors.

22:03:20 I've updated some pages for danceracpi. It now uses dshconfig for parser, and no longer very weak in terms of parsing the srings.

9 Apr 2002

14:10:14 Pretty tired. I don't think I'm going to be on the move again tomorrow morning. That is impossible.

8 Apr 2002

10:21:43 I'm updating the libpkg-guide and translating it into sgml. It is looking good right now. I've also updated dmachinemon-doc.sgml. I'm doing much work into documentation. I am doing write-ups. The task of writing up docs is quite important. Conveying information accurately, one can affect many people. Development of Debian may benefit a lot through the documentation, with well-maintained shared library pacakges.

7 Apr 2002

09:41:28 Patched sted2 so that it runs on exotic locales also. But this is a pretty crappy patch that probably should be fixed in other places.

5 Apr 2002

00:38:46 Bough a new HDD and a CDRW drive. Installed it on the Athlon machine, which had the failing sectors.

4 Apr 2002

00:17:48 I'm pretty unsatisfied with people who do not give credit to the work I've done. This is my patch: junk2002/20020401-yiff-NMU.diff.gz And Adam Majer tells me that he did it differently. I don't know what he's talking about. I can't check.

2 Apr 2002

00:06:46 I've prepared several NMUs for yiff but auric is down I cannot seem to upload it to the delayed queue. Maybe later. xshipwars and searchandrescue are affected by this, and I have also prepared a fix for these. #138815, #140752, #140753 I could do it for them, but I wonder if I could do the same for libsmpeg0.

22:47:06 I am back from Ohanami. Watching the flower blossoms, and drinking alcohol. I don't know how long this custom has been in Japan, but I seem to start liking it. Maybe I've grown old.

23:00:51 http://bugs.debian.org/140753 is fixed by a maintainer upload. It sounds good.

1 Apr 2002

00:23:46 This is working cool. The dancer-diary.el auto-new-month feature is working fine now, I must say.

02:53:38 Uploaded dmachinemon. It is rather a work in progress than a completed product, but there you go.

Junichi Uekawa

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