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30 Nov 2001

22:59:46 Updated dancer-diary.el so that the index.html is updated automatically. Many things are very much automated, but there still are problems with bootstrapping and other things that prevent wider distribution of dancer-diary.el.

23:00:50 kernel 2.4.16 gives me a "failed kernel paging request" with khubd. Bad news. I guess it is to do with pci updates and usb updates. I have been using JE alternate drivers, I wonder if that's got anything to do with it.

29 Nov 2001

16:08:40 Chat with skif on IRC. I didn't know he was... eh.

18:09:36 I benchmarked bochs booting Debian boot-floppies 3.0.17, on an Athlon 900 machine. Using several different compilers and compiler options to start it up. Not a very impressive result.

gcc-3.0 -O2 -march=athlon 79 sec
gcc-3.0 -O2 -march=pentium 83 sec
gcc-3.0 -O2 83 sec
gcc-2.95 -O2 86 sec
gcc-2.95 -O2 -march=pentium 82 sec

28 Nov 2001

12:18:49 There seemed to be a lot of problems with pbuilder currently. There is no way of bootstrapping pbuilder base.tgz with noninteractive mode turned on. sid fails with a worrysome error. This is bad.

18:53:28 My machine is making a funny noise. I think the main fan is broken. This is bad news. I need to go out and get new hardware. However, I may take this as a chance to upgrade my system to some new CPU.

25 Nov 2001

16:13:56 Added new pictures of dorami. I have not updated that page for so long. It should be better now.

18:06:26 cygwin on wine seems to be interesting. I would rather try other things as well. Many things interest me.

18:06:47 xpenguins is really entertaining.

18:31:31 The new album by niacin is sounding good. I am enjoying it quite much.

23 Nov 2001

06:35:16 Woke up. Another fine day. Feeling like winter more and more.

06:35:35 I bought a headphone yesterday. It should be quite good. I can now monitor some music without too much hastle, I hope.

08:00:29 Changed the color of the time stamps a little, but it still doesn't look right.

08:01:51 Updated the mangosteen page slightly. One line change.

10:50:10 xemacs has upgraded, I found. Some changes are there. Gutter color seems to have changed. Annoying.

14:00:03 I've created a brief introduction to my instruments . I don't know if it should be interesting.

20 Nov 2001

17:37:12 Compiling (again) emacs21 for athlon. It is interesting. I really need to get athlon-builder merged into pentium-builder package.

18:28:14 Trying to try out mingw tools. Seems to be interesting.

19 Nov 2001

04:28:10 I saw the meteor shower. It was amazing. It looked great, and I phoned over to my girl friend. She saw it too. I felt very much better.

18 Nov 2001

04:58:12 Arrived to Japan, and had a little sleep. I am in Japan, safe and sound. It's kind of impressive. Thanks go to all who supported me while I was in the U.S.. It was a very fine trip.

04:58:55 I've had a very interesting trip with my professor M. Strange. I never thought I'd have this kind of trip, but I guess this would happen more and more often.

18:08:59 Fixing bugs in pbuilder. Well, it is strange. I did a lot of typos in the last release. I notice many things that do not seem to be working. I cannot seem to get python-ecasound to work. I am really disappointed. I need help. Really.

15 Nov 2001

09:42:34 Last night we had a good dinner with Debian Developers of Colorado. It's nice to see them in real life. I feel I am too small surrounded by American guys... heh.

18:38:02 We've gone out to eat some real serious Japanese food. The sound of "nihonshoku" has a connotation that I feel very familiar. I used to hear that term when I was in England. I did not really understand the feel. I did not particularly feel that it is very interesting. But well, this is quite fun. Too fun.

18:39:18 My professors have been entertained with some "adult entertainment", I guess. There was a topless bar near the SC conference hall. It is interesting. I wondered if I should join in as well... It said, "gentlemen's topless something", which is quite weird.

23:52:52 I really want to meet akoro.

13 Nov 2001

00:21:55 Some airplane crash in NYC. Shit.

16:42:27 Quite an interesting day. SC2001 is quite tiring. There is a lack of manpower. The problem is that there are too few people who can actually do the boot management. This is rather difficult.

16:43:18 I was hoping to do a meetup with other Debian folks around, but I am yet to receive some response on the meetup plans.

21:06:35 Just noticed that emacs21 is shipped with its own pcl-cvs It seemed quite interesting. I have an impression that pcl-cvs package in Debian is overriding that pakage, somehow. I wonder.

12 Nov 2001

On the first night, on 10th, I had a dinner at a Colorado-type restaurant, as it were, and ate a lot, at 10 dollars. On the next day, I ate some pizza, at 5 dollars for lunch. I don't really grok the cost.

bochs seems to be pending something. I don't like such situations very much. I would really like things to work out very smoothly and quickly. Depending on other people doing something usually does not work in this world. This is tough, but hard luck. Bochs maintainer seems to want to get dosemu to remove the vga font out of the package, and make it into a separate package. It is interesting, but I think waiting for that to happen is not very creative. Bochs can use any font it wants, I always change the source to use the fixed font instead of the vga font. Well, people do have different opinions. VGA fonts are ugly. I really like to use other things.

18:31:23 Some things are working quite good. I have added a clock to my diary, so that I know what kind of time I have marked things...

11 Nov 2001

American airport had a very severe checking installed, and we had a very hard time going to the US, and entering the country. It is a large country. I am impressed. Things are really "American" as I had dreamt of. Those ladies are really so dynamic. I always thought Americans are overenergetic in expressing certain feelings, but I am now quite sure that this is interesting.

I am actually sound and alive and in US. This is interesting.

I've eaten some food, and I am feeling quite lively. Nice food. America. I've found a Burger King at the Airport, and I felt an urge for going there, but that will probably happen later.

8 Nov 2001

plex86 entered Debian apparently. Great. I wonder if anyone is doing bochs too. VGA bios has become free, I guess.

7 Nov 2001

I thought I've just upgraded my kernel to 2.4.13, and 2.4.14 is out. Heh, I don't want to reboot it, since it's only been up for about 29 hours...

Someone referred to pdsh at: http://www.llnl.gov/icc/lc/pdsh.html but it seemed quite non-free.

Some people seem to be using pbuilder. That is good. Nice to have some strict way of build-dependency checking.

I've patched up pcmcia-cs (3.1.28-2) to compile against kernel 2.2.20. It is interesting, really.

--- modules/pcmcia-cs/include/pcmcia/k_compat.h	Mon Nov 27 14:39:45 2000
+++ 2.2.20/modules/pcmcia-cs/include/pcmcia/k_compat.h	Wed Nov  7 08:42:08 2001
@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@
 #define vacate_mem_region	release_mem_region
 extern int check_mem_region(unsigned long base, unsigned long num);
 extern void request_mem_region(unsigned long base, unsigned long num,
-			       char *name);
+			       const char *name);
 extern void release_mem_region(unsigned long base, unsigned long num);
diff -ru modules/pcmcia-cs/modules/rsrc_mgr.c 2.2.20/modules/pcmcia-cs/modules/rsrc_mgr.c
--- modules/pcmcia-cs/modules/rsrc_mgr.c	Mon Aug  6 10:29:28 2001
+++ 2.2.20/modules/pcmcia-cs/modules/rsrc_mgr.c	Wed Nov  7 08:43:47 2001
@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@
     return check_my_resource(&mem_list, base, num);
-void request_mem_region(u_long base, u_long num, char *name)
+void request_mem_region(u_long base, u_long num, const char *name)
     register_my_resource(&mem_list, base, num, name);

I have submit my paper, I am released from the paperwriting business now, I think.

6 Nov 2001

LyX looks rather badly maintained from the sight here... I really liked the looks of it.

My load average was so high, I took a little break. I think I am feeling a little better, but who knows...

3 Nov 2001

Doing much hacking. pbuilder should be ready to be uploaded. It is kinda working, I guess.

doom multiplayer needs to be invoked from the command line. I forgot about this completely. This is annoying.

2 Nov 2001

A new mpi-chooser has been released to make things work better with LAM.

1 Nov 2001

Arguing with my father, mother, and girlfriend. No one on my side. Sigh.

Seriously, my life is very very difficult, and uneasy.

Things are clumsy. I need to go home now, or I won't be able to at all...

Junichi Uekawa

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