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31 Dec 2001

15:05:04 dancer-diary-mode should be working now, I think. It should be able to create a new file.

15:24:08 Great, it is working, I hope! It seems to be okay. dancer-diary-modenow has all the things I wanted it to have, for a while. Cool.

16:40:51 Emacs apt-mode would be something like a collection of :

(defun apt-cache-search () 
  "Apt cache search function"
  (let* ((searchregex (read-string "Apt-cache search regex: " ))
	 (searchregexbufname (concat "*apt-cache-search-" searchregex "*"))
    (call-process "apt-cache" nil 
		  (concat "*apt-cache-search-" searchregex "*")
		  nil "search" searchregex)
    (switch-to-buffer searchregexbufname)

30 Dec 2001

22:21:42 vivare.dancer.pr.jp Hacking on Libretto configuration is quite interesting. This is joy. However, configuring libretto is not being anything trivial. Many things can be more generic.

29 Dec 2001

16:23:16 Playing with a BTS message filed against xalan. Both bugs are bogus bugs, I really think. I don't know what has come to nick.

28 Dec 2001

22:32:48 I bought Libretto L2. It seems pretty good.

27 Dec 2001

18:10:08 Rather interested in obtaining an iBook, and installing Debian on it. PowerPC would be a nice addition to my list of arches. yaboot, and openfirmware is interesting. It seems like openfirmware can't boot linux directly, but requires yaboot.

26 Dec 2001

00:24:27 Fixed a little problem in pbuilder. Some needs are there to handle apt-move based systems for caching the repository. Interesting.

25 Dec 2001

00:01:11 I drank Schwarz Katz at night, it was a sweet white wine, and my girlfriend seemed to like it. It feels very much like a merry Christmas now. I am feeling really good.

23 Dec 2001

01:34:49 Applied the patch for dsh from Petter Reinholdtsen. Thanks for that. I think it now supports NIS netgroups, but I am not yet sure. I shall need to check. I will either check tomorrow, or just leave it as it is, and upload the new version somewhere.

14:13:23 dsh on NIS does work, I have just verified it. Great. I am releasing 0.0.17 now, it is available from my dsh page

17:47:37 jack package is available somewhere. I have done it. If anyone wants it, it's in my mikilab page. I'll start playing with ecasound development branches, soon (probably). I'll also start keeping ecasound debian dirs in a CVS repos.

18:34:18 Created a athlon-debian page. Should be fun.

22 Dec 2001

20:51:19 I now have an occasion to play with some Solaris system. It's interesting. It's very different from Linux systems in many aspects, although it is strikingly similar. I'm too used to GNU/Linux systems.

21 Dec 2001

08:56:27 Updated page for pbuilder, adding references to the pdebuild command.

20 Dec 2001

10:51:52 I just wondered if it would be interesting to have a guile-ecasound binding. Well, I will write something, hopefully.

10:52:12 Planning to make dmboot, dmclean, and dmrun wrapper scripts to make dmachinemon to start up and run more easily. I am just hoping to have that happen.

10:53:08 The "Christmas" trip was good. I enjoyed it very much. It lasted only 2 days, and too tiring after that, but anyway, better than nothing.

12:36:07 I'm trying to build a JACK package for Debian. It should be interesting.

14:07:23 rsh needs /dev/null input, or -n option. Bug bug bug. Bug in dsh ?

16 Dec 2001

00:02:58 I really wish I can go along better with this girl. I am looking forward to everything I do with this girl, but my interaction with her today cannot be said to be optimal. I know I could have done better. I felt sad at the Station, waiting for the train. It was cold, windy, and somehow made me very lonely. I was alone, and I felt very alone. I know I am alone, loneliness is my friend, but it feels too harsh.

15 Dec 2001

03:53:58 Tired. Bad days. I need a laptop PC.

16:35:53 boot-floppies translation for japanese.src is rather broken. I need to fix it, tonight.

23:18:14 Fixed the problem. It should be fine. I added some extra things in. I hope it would be of some help! boot-floppies does have some features that are really unused. It's difficult.

23:30:35 I'm reading gettext manual today. I have read it way back in the beginning of this year, and I had little clue. I think I can now grok it, after having translated several hundred messages in Debian boot-floppies, and having read some source-code in there.

23:45:54 I've decided I'd try compiling my kernel 2.4.16 with architecture set as i486, because I am suspecting that athlon optimization might be the culprit. If this is not the case, it is probably a genuine bug in the kernel, or my hardware. I tried to subscribe to linux-kernel, but vger.kernel.org doesn't give me a response. Maybe I need to try somewhere else.

23:49:21 I saw http://freshmeat.net/projects/l4ka/ and I am quite interested in how it is going on. 100% pure assembly does not interest me, and C++ code doesn't interest me either, but it seems to be evolving. I don't trust having C++ code as the kernel (too many compiler playing around), but I shall check the style, and see for myself, probably.

14 Dec 2001

00:21:48 japanese.src in languages for debian-boot has been modified, so that some Japanese text will be displayed in the LANGUAGE CHOOSER introductory screen.

13 Dec 2001

00:06:10 enlightenment and KDE has broken on my system. Both systems don't work with Japanese locale, while it works fine in C locale. I've hoped such situation to not occur, but I guess both programs handle fonts too specificly, causing problems. I am not sure. GTK+ is being quite stable, IMO. icewm is working fine too.

12 Dec 2001

18:23:37 Discovered that ecawave fix did not actually work. I noticed that configure.in overrides CXXFLAGS environmental variable, unconditionally. That is not a very good move, and I replaced it to be a conditional thing.

18:37:57 I've fixed a little bug in pbuilder, in pdebuild program. I shall probably be uploading the fix. It is about not being able to parse programs with version numbers containing ":". Some things do happen, and get overlooked.

23:51:09 This is amazing. Fun. ecawave and pbuilder updated in Debian. ecawave will hopefully and finally enter alpha architecture. I don't know.

10 Dec 2001

20:48:09 Received a report about ecawave needing special options in alpha architecture for build. That should hopefully fix the problem. Okay... GNU toolchain should rather be fixed, IMHO, but that's gonna be too hard to do, I guess.

9 Dec 2001

21:47:40 I have build dmachinemon page in the software section. It will be released, very shortly.

8 Dec 2001

00:22:57 Some people were talking about Linux Japan, or Linux Journal or something like that. It was about some thing about dsh, and that's probably I'm getting some strange inquiries. Anyway, interesting. I will be interested to know what is was about. How much dsh is used in obscure places I've never imagined that it will be in, would be interesting to know. Anyone send me a copy of what it says ? (hint hint)

18:24:16 I am waiting for this girl, and I don't know where she has gone to. Annoying. Waiting for a girl is not something a man should do. It just pisses me off, real bad.

18:26:05 Been compiling ecasound with pdebuild so many times. heh. It's really difficult to compile. I have an impression that libtool has changed its behavior sometime ago. This is quite difficult.

7 Dec 2001

03:11:24 Too tired at night. I shouldn't be doing this.

17:45:30 I want to play with vtk. It seems like a very interesting toolkit. However, the Debian package is being maintained very badly. This is annoying. Quality is quite important, I think.

18:29:36 This is difficult. Debian on cygwin project is not giving me enough motivation to do everything else.

6 Dec 2001

23:11:10 Hacking with ecasound reminds me, am I meant to be playing my bass or not? There are too many things happening in my life, that music is fast fading away. But today I have regained some experience with music. I really like to do something now.

5 Dec 2001

15:20:29 The following is what I have done, with the local pentium-builder patch. I have decided to update pentium-builder with the athlon-builder modifications. I've done it pretty much long time ago, but seeing that things have not moved around, I have decided to play with it. But it is rather difficult to play with debuild. However, I finally discovered the right command-line options.

$ debuild -E

20:05:10 Compile grub with option --enable-eepro100 and --enable-diskless and try out the nbgrub image, written down to the floppy, just like stage2. I hope it kinda works. If it does not work, I shall go hacking with stage2/stage2.c, cmain(). I think it is working, although it only continues to print out GRUB GRUB GRUB to the screen for some reason. I guess it should work. I don't know.

4 Dec 2001

00:15:13 Uploaded a fixed version of ecamegapedal. It's interesting that no one have found out about this for several months. This kind of trivial bug doesn't appeal much, methinks.

2 Dec 2001

00:21:24 I really want a portable hardware, something like libretto, or the smaller vaio, or something like a PDA. It's rather expensive for me. I wonder if there is any way for me to get a donation or something. This is always difficult to get the right funds.

1 Dec 2001

01:26:39 Improved the diary mode further. It is good.

Junichi Uekawa

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