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30 Oct 2001

I really don't understand how to use GPG, really. The manuals look interesting. It's scary how things revolve around. GPG is hairy. The command line is unfriendly.

29 Oct 2001

I am in a mood today, I can cry. Listening to Marcus Miller, Forevermore, which is my favorite piece of music, recently.

26 Oct 2001

Someone is taking xphoon over. I had a little enthusiasm when I took over, but not much. Didn't do anything.. heh. I am wondering about picking up some kernel header writing software.

25 Oct 2001

I felt very "Japanese" when I couldn't distinguish whether the guys were talking about "JAVA" or "jabber". Strange, when it comes like this.

21 Oct 2001

SMB protocol seems to be undocumented, and I can't find a doc on-line pretty easily. This is annoying. Common Internet File System or CIFS seems to be a proposal to make a standard protocol for SMB, which started around 1996, and have not advanced very much. It talks about using file://hostname/path notations, and there seems to be IETF drafts, but I am quite unsure about the details. There seems to be talks on DCE, and RMC, which seem to be RPC and other things in Windowstalk. SMB related documentations from Microsoft seem to be available from ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/developr/drg/CIFS/. However, I cannot parse the text quite well.

20 Oct 2001

Impressed with bash features. It seems to be able to do programmable completion since bash 2.04.

Added mikilab-ssh to my softwares page.

15 Oct 2001

little too tired. People are difficult to handle, and a girl-friend is difficult to handle. Trying to handle a person, the attempt itself, may be wrong in the first place. Maybe I am trying to do something too much.

14 Oct 2001

Created a page explaining MPI chooser script. It's a clean and exciting script, which seems to work pretty well. I guess, it's a nice solution.

Been backporting vorbis-tools, to encode in vorbis in potato machines.

13 Oct 2001

gpm and X installed at the same time caused mouse lockups. It's quite annoying. I don't really know what gpm is for either.

11 Oct 2001

I've walked around in Nara today. Nice to know old and new. Things are changing all the time. Time flows. Even in this old town Nara, time is flowing... People were shouting about War, and America. School teachers, I guess, were exclaiming things about "Do not send our students to WAR". The World is a noisy place today.

Marcus Miller is cool. It sounds real great. I like the sound. I dunno.

10 Oct 2001

Planning on doing a mail-based teaching of "how-to-use Debian GNU/Linux" I wonder if that will actually work or not.

vim 6 looks very promising on Japanese language support, however gvim did not seem to be functional in regards to handling Japanese. Some gdk_draw_text calls need fixing, I guess.

9 Oct 2001

According to Branden (in debian-devel), the following should work to fix X.

There is a bug in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99xfree86-common_start in 4.1.0-7:





5 Oct 2001

java3d demo program called TextureTest seems to be a nice source of inspiration. What is so annoying is that these programs are so long winded in their programming, and I don't like their programming style. But that's really a problem of personal taste.

3 Oct 2001

This life is being highly loaded.

ecasound etc. do no longer work with automake 1.5. This is annoying. automake needs a big smack in the face. And the changelog is really unhelpful.

Is this guy "exa" on irc, the guy I think he is? I am not sure -- and I guess he was.

diskless package seems to have found a new maintainer. I hope he is active.

1 Oct 2001

Met the French guy last night, and it was rather fun.

Java1.3 has entered Debian incoming. I wonder how it will be processed.

Good, my java3d program is kinda working. I need to fix something more, and It'll be game.

dvipdfm is real good. But seems to fail on some eps inclusion.. gs problem?

Junichi Uekawa

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