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29 Sep 2001

hercules is a s390 emulator, and someone is trying to run Debian on it. mol runs PPC version, apparently, and I have already ran Debian for i386 on bochs. I wonder if uae would be able to run Debian. Emulators should improve the status of m68k porting, maybe I am wrong. m68k emulators should be able to run much faster than m68k itself...

28 Sep 2001

I wonder what is wrong with the ssh port forwarding, and doing ftp. It's strange.

26 Sep 2001

Something with wrong with just about everything, and I don't know what. I need to restrict myself in this kind of day. I need to restrain my actions.

The P2P application that I am developing is not going very well.. It is very difficult to debug such applications. Cluster applications are real hard to debug from the beginning, and I really think I am running out of luck trying to debug P2P. I wonder how people manage to do it.

and I find the way to solve the problem after a long hour of coding. This is very unfortunate. I think I got the problem. Little typo. Accumulation of little typos result in a big list of problems. Rapid testing cycle is important.

25 Sep 2001

My home router machine has broken down. This is really annoying.. My work is severely distracted by this. I won't be able to upload things to Debian at all.

23 Sep 2001

Pretty good. Debian mirroring script seems to be running fine and it is sending me logs. This is cool, I guess. It checks md5sum and tries to re-download. It is rather nice. I guess.

pbuilder needs to be added to my daily madison report mail.. Hmmm... is there a real good and easy way to determine which packages are mine and send me a mail with madison output? I like mail logs being sent. It is good. And I like plaintext mail format, because I can process these text mail data from my favorite command line tools without thinking too much.

21 Sep 2001

I have personally decided that every third friday is a Debian Day, and will be installing Debian on other people's machines. Heh, joy.

So, according to Witchert, in debian-devel today, rrdtool is the tool used in Joey's graphs. I like the tools of them. I am wondering if rrdtool is a generic graphing system that can be used for my needs or not.

20 Sep 2001

Daily life is very pressing... The TODO list is growing, and it doesn't seem to like to start reducing.

18 Sep 2001

pbuilder is on Debian Weekly News. Hurray!

17 Sep 2001

Moved around the software page, so that it has its own directory now. It is better to handle such a thing in one directory. Using index.html is better than having several things.

fping is an interesting tool which checks for hosts that are up. fping -C2 addr pings the addr twice, and returns error status in an expected manner. This is quite good. I like this.

16 Sep 2001

Have been looking for why kernel 2.2.19 and 2.4.x does not boot from bootp, and realized that there was a line :

-int ic_enable __initdata = 1;                  /* Automatic IP cfg enabled? */
+int ic_enable __initdata = 0;                  /* IP config enabled? */

that has changed in /net/ipv4/ipconfig.c since 2.2.17 and 2.2.19. I think this sounds like it.

15 Sep 2001

Just noticed that my keyboard is recognized by the kernel as [ORTEK USB Hub/Keyboard], and my mouse is [Cypress Sem. Cypress USB Mouse]. I wonder where those strings are coming from.

12 Sep 2001

I've been debugging my code all day. dmachinemon seems to break quite often recently. This is not good. I need a write-and-test cycle that is good enough. Clear milestones are important, I think. There should be more bugs that I have not seen. Careless mistakes do exist...

9 Sep 2001

Playing with having files under CVS control. Putting .emacs files under CVS control seems quite beneficial. For other things, I don't know if it would be worth it. I also like the codes under development to be there...

Hacking on mpich. I think 1.2.2 has a good mpd support. However, I very much doubt I can make it into woody, however some people seem to think woody is a trashcan anyone can put any trash into. Very unprofessional attitude, IMO. I really hate people who break things at the last minute. I am removing support for ALSA 0.9 packages in ecasound, because some guy is breaking everything that depends on ALSA. fun.

7 Sep 2001

I didn't know these smileys have a name. They are emoticons, according to a few people talking about it. Does that mean, things that represent emotion? It's funny.

6 Sep 2001

Getting out under the Sun is a good thing to do. I like it. And going on a bus to somewhere far away. It really gives a better idea of what is going on. After having had such a trip, things move on more smoothly. Little trips are always necessary, I guess.

pbuilder script is, I think, very complete now. It supports most things, apart from versioned build-dependency. Also, there is one kind of thing that I cannot parse myself. I think it was one of XFree86 packages, which depend on kernel-headers-2.4.7 | kernel-headers-2.4 [!m68k] It looks really insane. What might this mean? Where is all the precedence defined?

5 Sep 2001

Hmm.. using potato to mirror Debian is a pain. It's rather difficult.

plotchangelog in devscripts is pretty entertaining. I like its output. Fun.

4 Sep 2001

qtecasound had a missing builddep. It's strange I never noticed. I thought I tried rebuilding all of them in a chroot. Maybe something changed in automake/autoconf?

3 Sep 2001

Some things are lagging seriously. pbuilder is tested on my system, and it is looking quite fine. I doubt it will run on the Hurd yet, though. I need to test it a bit. I also want to make it so that debconf does not ask any questions, and use the defaults for everything.

1 Sep 2001

New month. It will be a hard one.

Doing many work to make xemacs work in the way I like it to be working in. It seems to be a good editor. Very entertaining to see it work. It is nice to use a good editor. It is entertaining.

Trying potato with this command-line: pbuilder create --basetgz ~/base-potato.tgz --distribution potato --mirror http://www.jp.debian.org/debian --http-proxy http://*.*.*.*:8080/, and it should work. I want to test if pbuilder can handle potato environment. I hope it can. I wonder if I can get hold of some potato packages. I might play with my own packages. It resulted into a 25Mb tar.gz file. It's smallish.

Having a potato chroot is good. pbuilder can now build backport binaries. huh fun. Pretty nifty. A line like: pbuilder build --basetgz ~/base-potato.tgz --http-proxy http://*.*.*.*:8080/ --buildresult ../potato ../gtkipmsg_0.2.6-1.dsc can build a backport package.

Junichi Uekawa

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