Diary for year 2001, May


I will become 22 in 22 of May. This is interesting. I am getting slightly older. I am no longer a kid... yeah. I kinda grasp that idea.

daily blurbs

30 May 2001

I will go off for a few days to join Linux World Expo 2001 / Tokyo. Hoping to have some interesting information fed in.

26 May 2001

I made a cascading stylesheet. Trying to do something interesting with it.

Upgraded Mozilla to the latest deb made by Kitame. It's swift and good, and less buggy. Fun. There is a page which is only viewable by IE. This is annoying. IE should die. It shouldn't parse the pages which I should not. This is a PAIN!!!

24 May 2001

Doing some of my homework. This life is sucking like bad. Things are really bad. I am clueless about all these things now. Who are these guys in Debian-devel? Should I really need to read those blurbs? Why do these people try to include new and unstable software ? I depend upon those things. Oh dear. There are some people who do not understand the different between using beta software and dumping beta quality software library in the distribution. Beta software doesn't break other things. Beta quality libraries do. Bah.

22 May 2001

SynrG said : when your only tool is a hammer ... everything looks like a nail. explaining the motivation behind parsing binary data with awk.

I have become 22 now. I got older.

I added a new soundcard to my machine, and configured ALSA 0.9. I guess Debian will move over to ALSA 0.9. ecasound for ALSA 0.9 seems to be working fine, and I guess I'd just upgrade to ALSA 0.9. This new soundcard has a ymf744 chipset. This one I like quite a lot because it is quite easy to use under Linux. It only took 5 minutes to get it installed on the hardware, and rebuilding the kernel and rebooting. This is interesting. I always thought that Linux kernel was slower to configure, but when I am this used to this process, it is a fail-safe process which is also quite rapid to perfect.

16 May 2001

Hmm.... I did not know there was a configuration for ssh. I need to check this out.

host cvs.debian.org
      proxycommand ssh -x -A master.debian.org nc %h ssh

But this doesn't really work in my configuration. Difficult.

Hmm... Found a function fdopen, which seems to do what I always wanted to do. I wonder if it allows me to use sockets as a standard stream. It is quite interesting.

15 May 2001

fml is quite simple, as it seems. It only requires makefml newml mailinglist-name to create a new mailing list. Interesting.

Machine takes about 1000 cycles to context switch. A beowulf cluster node takes about 1000000 cycle to communicate to and fro. This is fundamentally limiting the way beowulf clusters are being utilized. I envision that something would probably overcome this limitation, but I am not quite sure how it would be done, and whether I should be the one thinking about it.

14 May 2001

Uploaded LADSPA with documentation, and a preliminary dsh. dsh is still not very good yet. It doesn't do everything I want it to do, and it is fundamentally broken if it was used as it is shipped. Good. I wonder when the ftpmaster would install these tools.

13 May 2001

I don't really understand everything well, but LADSPA has settled down a bit. There is ladspa-sdk package installed in Debian, and a working ecasound. Sweep and other things using ladspa should be able to follow up on this movement.

Some other projects pending. There are a lot of things I want to do, and not many I can get my hands on. But little by little I can get on.

10 May 2001

I have a working live CDROM system, using debootstrap to make the chroot, and booting with syslinux and initrd. This is good. What to do with this system is interesting. I need to have a writable /tmp /root etc. at least. or X won't start up. some parts of /var needs to be mounted read-write. There should be some kind of automation in making multiple nodes setup as well...

7 May 2001

HURD X probably will work. No, really.

Thinking of packaging heteca et al. Something related to ecasound.

6 May 2001

Installed HURD on a machine at University. It is really hard to get on working. This thing doesn't seem to have improved in the installation-friendliness for the last 6 months. Maybe not many people are working on it. I wished that it could make a GRUB floppy from the boot-floppy, but it hasn't been done. This is pain. To boot HURD, I do the following from GRUB.

root (hd0,1)
kernel /boot/gnumach.gz root=/dev/hd0s2
module /boot/serverboot.gz

This is too much to type for booting the kernel, isn't it? EMACS is working fine, but X is not yet configured. There doesn't seem to be xf86cfg for HURD for some reason. It should be found in xbase-clients package. hmmm.... Anyway, I will continue working.

2 May 2001

The most tiresome task has finished, and looking forward to becoming more involved in hacking some code.

1 May 2001

Nearing my limits. I need to work a lot more, and this is over what I can handle. I am listening to King Crimson. This is really cool.

Junichi Uekawa

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