Diary for year 2001, June


I will seriously look into making some basis for research.

Packages to do: integrating ladspa-sdk-dev into ladspa-sdk, packaging ecasound 2.0.1.

daily blurbs

30 Jun 2001

People are having problems with its setup. I am wondering how I should be using this. I don't know if it should be in /var or somewhere else. Most systems I know are using /var/tftpboot or /tftpboot for tftpboot images. And they are often symlinked to /home/tftpboot as well. We don't really have a standard for it, and we really don't need a standard. It only needs to be a default setup, which should be configurable. Comments, please.

29 Jun 2001

I am going to hack on this diskless package, for cluster setups. I am meaning to, anyway.

27 Jun 2001

I did a seminar for CVS. People should be able to use CVS here. Good.

25 Jun 2001

I am thinking about getting diskless package improved in Debian, because AlinkA, in its incarnation available to us, seems to be rather broken. More on this later (hopefully).

Most things are working in ecadmulti project I have been pondering about. I think I can use this little tool to do away with my little script. It is better. It is a tool to do recordings real-time.

24 Jun 2001

I've went out to drink with my girlfriend. This is the first time ever I went out with a girl, to drink, I think.

Linux boots slowly. This is a big problem. Especially those RedHat variants boot very very slowly per default. I thought I could make it boot much much faster. But I am not really sure. I can change the kernel behavior in looking for devices (which never exist), and other things like, not have daemons to boot up. I thought file-rc might make init routines to start up faster, but it seems like it is not such a system.

23 Jun 2001

I've been writing an application using glade and ecasoundc library, to make mutitrack recording easier for session-bassists... or maybe anyone who does real-life recording of multi-track music. I needed this kind of thing, seriously.

Debian woody should have a good and working LADSPA system. They helped us (really??) by making ladspa compatible with Debian (finally, yes), we will make Debian compatible with LADSPA. Good. That's what wildfire said. I think. Can't remember, but few days ago, that was what we were talking about. I think.

22 Jun 2001

Been chatting with "Y". Emacs died when trying to change the Gtk+ theme. Nautilus and GNOME panel dies, but I don't understand why Emacs likes to die in these cases.

http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=25528 shows sylpheed-claws sourceforge page. This is amazing. They are forking sylpheed, yet again. I hope claws is a good work.

I have noticed that Maestro-3 cards are supported by the 0.5.11 release by ALSA project. I thought it was a non-open-spec card. But this is good. Many note PC's have this card installed.

I found out that kernel traffic exists here: http://kt.zork.net/kernel-traffic/latest.html. I've been looking for it for quite a while now.

21 Jun 2001

I really need to find out a way to make default templates in emacs. I have looked at pcl-cvs and it seems like the upstream has not been active for a very very long while. This is too bad, but xemacs version has been developed until very recently. It is very interesting.

I touched emacs21, and it was vigorously different. This is something shocking. I don't know if I would like the change.

Installing some blackdown j2sdk1.3 debs. It sounds neat. I wonder if Sun would find a resolution to let j2sdk enter Debian.

19 Jun 2001

I need to update ecawave and qtecasound. Newer version is already released, and has been released for a while. Maybe it will take a few days before I settle. But I guess I don't need to wait for myself to settle down. I can do things without things settling.

16 Jun 2001

Nearing the presentation, the sheets are not quite that ready. Hmm...

15 Jun 2001

The elisp is good, and it is fine. I am wondering now whether I can create a default template whenever a new file is opened. This would be a real achievement, I should think. I would like to go and find out how psgml mode seems to be creating the default file.

I like this word. Procrastination. It's interesting. Just like me leaving all the wishlist bugs for mpich. I'll do it tomorrow, when I have time... sure.

13 Jun 2001

I tried muse, but the build system was quite flaky, and running it locked my system real hard. This is bad news.

This is good. I now have an elisp program which can add new diary entry when I press F5. Good.

Life is rather difficult. It is being fully painful. Yeah. Too busy.

12 Jun 2001

My emacs script is getting good. It is in a good shape.

Things are improving. I have an action to add a paragraph into today's thing, and adding a new day's entry at the appropriate location. I am thinking about adding a "next action" thing to my script. It would be rather good. I like this. I like emacs. This is fun.

11 Jun 2001

I have wrote a major mode to write diaries in. This is good. I have more optimization to do. More automatic. I can do more things in lisp than I had anticipated. Lisp is cool. Elisp is real fun.

10 Jun 2001

LMS is nigh.

I need to do a presentation about Linux World Expo 2001/Tokyo tomorrow, and that's being very very heavy...

I went out with my girlfriend to eat some Chinese food. It has cost more than I have anticipated, but it was rather entertaining. Things are really changing quickly, and I can't really follow up on everything.

8 Jun 2001

Installed gcc-3.0 prerelease on my machine. It seems to coexist with gcc 2.95 series fine. gcj is my main aim. It seems like it does not segfault when compiling a "Hello World" program. It has advanced a fair bit in the half-year or so which I wasn't looking.

7 Jun 2001

Things are improving. master is down and I don't feel like doing anything, or has it gone back, I don't know. For what I know it will probably be down for a good while.

6 Jun 2001

Raining cats and dogs. It's real bad.

5 Jun 2001

At LinuxWorld Expo, in the Debian Booth, there were Sigmarion (mips chip) and Psion5 (arm) and MacII SE (m68k) and PC98 notebook (i386) and VAIO GT (i386) and two HPPA machines (did not boot...), running Debian. They were doing some demonstration, and used ttyrec demonstration which explains how to package a debian package (in Japanese). It can be viewed with telnet tty.namazu.org 30000.

I'm just playing with XML database and XSL. Things look pretty nice, I guess. I need to make some system where I can generate text from XML to HTML and TeX. This is one thing that is pretty important for me. I wonder how it will come out. I might as well go and code such a theme today, tonight.

4 Jun 2001

Things are going fine. I would say I am too busy for my every day. Hmmmm.. Not motivated to do much Debian work, because there doesn't seem to be much to do.

3 Jun 2001

Came back from Linux World Expo Tokyo/2001. It was tiring but fun. Great experience. I love it.

It is interesting and nice to know that hover is a feature appended to the CSS specification on CSS2, and not available no CSS1. It is also nice to know that the nature of CSS enables use of a:hover for CSS1 agents too, because it is just a tag. Good.

Trying to make things transparent was rather hard to do. It was different in IE and Mozilla. IE sucks. It just uses a feature which doesn't exist in the standard, and lies there. It's really annoying.

Junichi Uekawa

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