Dancer's Software Hacking

Some projects

The following projects are projects which I bothered to write up some documentation, and have some downloadable materials.

Download site

This is the download site for source code to random programs that I wrote.

Things that are current

The following is a list of some random hot ramblings which are not yet quite well documented and may not be fully complete. This is listed here so that I don't forget what I am developing, and to let people know what I am working on.

Picked up maintenance of apt-listbugs. It will search for the Debian bug database before installation of software packages, and warn you if there is a risky bug.

Picked up maintenance of elserv. It is a system for using emacs as a webserver.

I'm working on getting Debian running on Macbook.

Scripts for generating RSS from HTML in news sites, in many scripting languages. Used to be available via cvs repository.

Creating an automatic shared library package generator for Debian packages, to ease the pain of packaging shared libraries, and to reduce the number of broken shared library packages. d-shlibs. It's now in Debian, being used by a few packages.

Writing a Web Diary Mode for emacs. It is still incomplete, but if I could make it self-hosting, I will probably distribute this program as a package. Maybe I should distribute the code with some sample template files. The missing features are getting filled in, and I believe it can be release sometime soon.

I am a debian developer, and I am enjoying the task. I maintain canna, dancer-xml, dlisp, dmachinemon, dsh, ecamegapedal, ecasound, ecasound2.2, ecawave, gamix, jack-audio-connection-kit, ladspa-sdk, libdshconfig, pbuilder, rarpd, soundtracker, update-cluster, whizzytex, wysihtml, and yc-el

packages I used to maintain :

Patches merged upstream

Hacked up bttv driver so that it recognizes my GV-BCTV5E.

I have created a patch against gaim to use iconv properly. the patch I created. Included in gaim mainstream from 0.59.1

For debian-devel guys using Sylpheed, there was a patch that gives you the necessary list-reply function to your mailer. (This patch was rather old and does not apply cleanly to the current sources. Updating is required. This patch is against 0.4.61 version of Sylpheed...) I have found out that someone applied the patch against 0.6.12claws18 version, and it probably is in the current claws branch of Sylpheed.

I have written a little hack (athlon-builder) which I can use to compile binaries for athlon optimisation with ease. The result of the hack is merged with pentium-builder package.

Dead/finished projects

Because I wanted a cdlabelgen version which can handle Japanese text, instead of trying to patch something in postscript (I don't speak that language), I tried something in latex.

Although I have not assembled it quite well yet, I am writing some software to demonstrate the use of sockets in C. This is coming on. I have finally put it up for public consumption.

I have sent an endianness patch to jack, jack-audio-connection-kit. The credits are misattributed to Stephan for some reason.

I've written gtkfiledialog program for using the GTK+ file dialog from emacs. I have put it on the download areaбе

Writing a fakechroot, a system to create a fake chroot environment for normal users under Linux. Allowing normal users to run inside virtual chroots. However, there is a user-mode-linux project now which seems to do what I want. User-mode-linux achieves the goal through ptracing all syscalls, I tried to do it by redefining libc symbols. A new project under the same name which does essentially what this project aimed to do exists.

I've tried to write a prototype code udebootstrap which bootstraps debian-installer. You can download it from here.

I've written a bit of testsuite for shell programs, shell-test for checking capabilities of some portions of shell, to see if they are compatible with Debian and POSIX.

hotkeys software package was getting bitrotten and it wasn't being maintained at all, and I hacked it so that it works. you can download it here. It is a useful software for using Internet-keys found on newer keyboards. Original upstream page is possibly in, but it is no longer active. The original author was not active in maintaining this software, but he seems to have come back on 1 Dec 2002, which is a good thing.

I've been playing with VCG program lately, and I have produced some interfacing codes. a patch to make apt-cache use vcg instead of graphviz to create dependency graph output. A script to create graph diagram from C function call graph generated using cflow program.

Thinking about apt-diff to ease the problem with apt download time. The idea is to use diff in obtaining the Packages file in apt.

I am trying to run Debian on top of cygwin on top of wine.

For the release of Debian 3.0 (also known as woody), I have been working on boot floppies, and some library fixes for newt, and slang. I have been working on other issues related to shared library packaging (yiff,clanlib,libxml2,etc.), and I have written a document documenting how best to create a shared library package in Debian.

Junichi Uekawa

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