Daily blurbs Aug. 2021


daily blurbs

13 Aug 2021 (Fri)

17:54:40 # Life openvpn client configuration with systemd. Spent a while trying to figure out why my configuration file /etc/openvpn does not take effect. It was because I needed to tell systemd to reload the daemon stuff and trying to restart openvpn only did not have any meaningful effect. After I learnt how things work it made some sense, but I expected /etc/init.d/openvpn restart to do the right thing.

	  systemctl daemon-reload
	  service openvpn restart

4 Aug 2021 (Wed)

12:40:13 # Life Wrote a tool to parse /sys/block/*/stat. It's probably impossible for a human brain to appreciate the numbers so I made a web page that you can paste the contents and parse it from JS to emit some processed numbers. Probably iostat is the tool you want, but hey, sometimes you need this kind of stuff.

1 Aug 2021 (Sun)

10:29:33 # Life August comes. Kids are on summer staycation. This is not sustainable.

Junichi Uekawa