Daily blurbs Sep. 2021


daily blurbs

25 Sep 2021 (Sat)

18:12:01 # Life Wrote a HTML ping-like something. Uses fetch to fetch a page and measures time until 404 returns to js. Here's my http ping. The challenge was writing code to calculate standard deviation in multiple languages and making sure it matched, d'oh.

20 Sep 2021 (Mon)

16:15:26 # Life podman build (user namespace) and Rename. It seems like Debian bullseye, if I run podman, it runs in user namespace mode if you run it inside a regular user. That's fine, but it uses fuse overlayfs driver. Now I am yet to pinpoint what is happening, but rename() is handled in a weird way, I think it's broken. os.Rename() in golang is copying the file and not deleting the original file.

1 Sep 2021 (Wed)

08:59:55 # Life Already September. Trying to update first devices to bullseye. Many raspberry pis.

Junichi Uekawa