Daily blurbs Jul. 2021


daily blurbs

22 Jul 2021 (Thu)

09:52:13 # Life KVM switch. I am using ES-Tune KVM switch to switch Linux and ChromeBox. The Linux side seems to be unreliable. Sometimes it complains USB cable is bad. Reboot doesn't fix it and reconnecting seems to improve the state. Unplugging power from the KVM switch seems to fix the situation sometimes. Could be the KVM switch issue.

09:53:42 # Life Added memory to ACER Chromebox CXI3 (fizz/sion). Got 2 16GB SO-DIMMs and installed them. I could not find correct information on how to open this box on the internet. They seem to be explaining similar boxes from HP or ASUS which seem to have simpler procedure to opening. I had to ply out out the 4 rubber pieces at the bottom, and then open the 4 screws. Then I could ply open the front and back panel by applying force where the screws were. In the front panel there's two more shorter screws that needs to be opened; after taking out the two screws (that's 4+2), I could open the box into two pieces. Be careful they are connected, I think there's audio cable. After opening you can access the memory chips. Pull the metal piece open on left and right hand side of the memory chip so that it raises. Make sure the metal pieces latch closed when you insert the new memory, that should signify memory is in place. I didn't do that at the beginning and the machine didn't boot. So far so good. No longer using zram.

16 Jul 2021 (Fri)

09:30:20 # Life Bought BEHRINGER U-PHORIA 2-Channel UMC202HD. My previous Q1002US mixer seemed to have unreliable right channel bus and was getting worried. MIDAS preamp, simple to use. Connect it to Linux box and it works as a USB audio device with two channel of input. It has two inputs and hence it will probably look like a stereo recording. If I connect my XM8500 it turns out to be on the left channel, for example. Looking at the waveforms, the noise floor is lower than Q1002US and I love it so far. Used my hack yesterday to confirm its behavior.

15 Jul 2021 (Thu)

09:26:44 # Life Made my FFT view stereo. I can now tell if sound is input in my left channel or right channel and if my mic is stereo as it claims to be.

10 Jul 2021 (Sat)

18:04:35 # Life Fixed multi-track audio recording web page that was broken for a while. here. But I think I wasn't satisfied with the synchronization.

3 Jul 2021 (Sat)

18:34:53 # Life Created a web page for recording game play. For mixing video and audio from HDMI input and grabbing audio from mic. Basically just configuring the two audio and video tracks. here it is.

2 Jul 2021 (Fri)

14:01:31 # Life Can't remember what I thought was interesting in memtest code.

Junichi Uekawa