Daily blurbs Nov. 2020


daily blurbs

25 Nov 2020 (Wed)

09:56:29 # Life Grabbing screenshot. I wanted to know the size of screenshot generated by canvas.toDataURL so I wrote a web app that just measures the size at 60fps because I could. From output I can see webp: 19087 png: 115818 jpg: 115818, so I figured webp is really good at this, or maybe chrome is really good at using webp. and png and jpg look like they are the same size... hmm.. why?

14 Nov 2020 (Sat)

17:43:06 # Life Rewrote my build system in C++. I used to write build rules in Nodejs, but I figured if my projects are mostly C++ I should probably write them in C++. I wanted to make it a bit more like BUILD files but couldn't really and ended up looking more C++ than I wanted to. Seems like key-value struct initialization isn't available until C++20.

int main() {
  NinjaBuilderConfig config;
  NinjaBuilder n(config);


5 Nov 2020 (Thu)

10:34:47 # Life Sent a pull request to document sshfs slave mode. Every time I try to do it I forget, so at least I have a document about how to do it. Also changed the name from slave to passive, but I don't think that will help me remember... Not feeling particularly creative about the name.

1 Nov 2020 (Sun)

09:08:38 # Life I'm playing more computer games recently. Splatoon2, Ring Fit Adventure, Fit Boxing, and NieR Automata.

Junichi Uekawa