Daily blurbs Nov. 2020


daily blurbs

25 Nov 2020 (Wed)

09:56:29 # Life Grabbing screenshot. I wanted to know the size of screenshot generated by canvas.toDataURL so I wrote a web app that just measures the size at 60fps because I could. From output I can see webp: 19087 png: 115818 jpg: 115818, so I figured webp is really good at this, or maybe chrome is really good at using webp. and png and jpg look like they are the same size... hmm.. why? UPDATE: image/jpg generated png and image/jpeg generated jpeg.

14 Nov 2020 (Sat)

17:43:06 # Life Rewrote my build system in C++. I used to write build rules in Nodejs, but I figured if my projects are mostly C++ I should probably write them in C++. I wanted to make it a bit more like BUILD files but couldn't really and ended up looking more C++ than I wanted to. Seems like key-value struct initialization isn't available until C++20.

int main() {
  NinjaBuilderConfig config;
  NinjaBuilder n(config);


5 Nov 2020 (Thu)

10:34:47 # Life Sent a pull request to document sshfs slave mode. Every time I try to do it I forget, so at least I have a document about how to do it. Also changed the name from slave to passive, but I don't think that will help me remember... Not feeling particularly creative about the name.

1 Nov 2020 (Sun)

09:08:38 # Life I'm playing more computer games recently. Splatoon2, Ring Fit Adventure, Fit Boxing, and NieR Automata.

Junichi Uekawa