Daily blurbs Oct. 2020


daily blurbs

17 Oct 2020 (Sat)

10:36:08 # Life Troubleshooting your audio input. When doing video conferencing sometimes I hear the remote end not doing very well. Especially when your friend tells you he bought a new mic and it didn't sound well, they might be using the wrong configuration on the OS and using the other mic, or they might have a constant noise source in the room that affects the video conferencing noise cancelling algorithms. Yes, noise cancelling algorithms aren't perfect because detecting what is noise is heuristic and better to have low level of noise. Here is the app. I have a video to demonstrate.

14 Oct 2020 (Wed)

18:18:20 # Life I am planning on talking about Rust programming in Debian environment. Tried taking a video of me setting up the environment.

2 Oct 2020 (Fri)

09:49:41 # Life Already october. I tried moving to vscode from emacs but I have so far only installed the editor. emacs is my workflow engine, so it's hard to migrate everything.

Junichi Uekawa