Daily blurbs Jan. 2020


daily blurbs

31 Jan 2020 (Fri)

15:00:17 # Life Tea reading circle: Nanporoku. I started a reading circle on books related to Tea, and started that off with a popular classic. Nanporoku is a book copied by Jitsuzan Tachibana at 100th anniversary of Rikyu's death (death happened in 1591, so copying would be circa 1691), original authorship is attributed to Nanbo Sokei of Shuan-in of Nanshu-ji temple, who had direct interaction with Rikyu. Nanshu-ji is a Zen temple in Sakai close to where Rikyu lived. The book contains lots of interesting concepts, probably not completely authentic but not completely off the track. I personally went to Nanshuji in Sakai to see where that happened, I was the tourist. Some notes from each chapter.

1 Jan 2020 (Wed)

14:21:46 # Life Happy new year. Last year I kept on practicing piano. I started Tea. Wondering what awaits.

Junichi Uekawa