Daily blurbs Dec. 2019


daily blurbs

31 Dec 2019 (Tue)

16:39:08 # Life Reminding myself on how to install nodejs binaries. Found the nodesource docs. I almost forgot I was using an aarch64 device until I tried installing binaries. It's nice they have aarch64 binaries too.

19 Dec 2019 (Thu)

19:56:02 # Life gitlstreefs test now passes. I think what was different was that cloud build environment triggered from github is different in that the source tree does not include the .git directory. gitlstreefs depended on the git trees for some tests and didn't pass.

1 Dec 2019 (Sun)

12:39:39 # Life Feeling some Fate in Coincidence. Just by chance I saw some sign that impressed me and I feel something in the chance.

Junichi Uekawa