Daily blurbs May. 2008


daily blurbs

9 May 2008 (Fri)

19:35:07 # Life Starting to play with eeePC. Thanks to ASUS, I am now playing with an eeePC. With the help of Andrew Lee, I have set up LXDE environment, with full wifi support (through madwifi), and other goodies. I'm now looking into making the boot time shorter. I like the concept of finit, which is just to rewrite most initialization in C, nothing can beat that. However, Debian in general will need something more extensible than that. insserv and CONCURRENCY=shell helped the boot time a bit but it's still in the orders of approx. 60 seconds, which isn't quite fast enough.

6 May 2008 (Tue)

14:46:57 # Life Going to be married. I am currently lagging behind in e-mails by approximately by a month. If you need my attention, shout.

Junichi Uekawa

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