Daily blurbs Apr. 2008


daily blurbs

13 Apr 2008 (Sun)

15:04:32 # Life 1/2 of apt-listbugs job on merkel removed. There are two batch jobs running on merkel, (1) doing cp -al of BTS metadata to work around the fact that BTS metadata is not made publicly available, and (2) creating of index of bugs of certain severity. Today, I received a 400MB email complaining that every single file cannot be hardlinked. Apparently /org/scratch is no longer on the same partition as /org. I checked and it looks like I no longer need to keep the BTS metadata public. Since etch release of apt-listbugs, BTS SOAP interface is used instead to query that information.

6 Apr 2008 (Sun)

01:27:29 # Life Debian JP leader. I have been selected as Debian JP leader for 2008. This is my third consecutive term since 2006, and will be the second full term since 2007.

1 Apr 2008 (Tue)

07:53:56 # Life duplicate ssh-agents. I have ssh-agent start in .xsession, but apparently somebody else also starts it up and I have two distinct ssh-agents. Hmmm.

Thanks to those who commented (via e-mail). I have received several comments and I have a better understanding about the problem now. When using GNOME, there are two places that seems to start up ssh-agent. One is /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90x11-common_ssh-agent and the other (recent introduction) is gnome-session starting gnome-keyring. I think it's gnome-keyring. Loic pointed out 519486 519487 to me, and I think I understand the problem better.

Junichi Uekawa

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