Daily blurbs Oct. 2004


daily blurbs

31 Oct 2004

20:03:50 # Life I've done updates to pbuilder, but I don't have enough energy right now to get uml situation fixed... Gah. I was trying to get the long-pending ecasound updates done, but that also requires so much energy.

20:10:48 # Life plugsched kernel patch seems to be an interesting adventure.

24 Oct 2004

18:26:21 # Life An account of what happened in Debian BOF in Kansai, Japan, on 23 Oct 2004. It was part of Kansai-opensource event held on 22 and 23 Oct 2004 in Osaka, Japan. There were about 50 people in the room; and the room had a capacity which could hold only about 30 people; most people were standing up, and many more were coming.

About Debian Developers (nokubi)
Introducing Debian Developers that he met personally, talking about people from outside of Japan.
Becoming a Debian Maintainer (ohura)
Ohura became an official developer on September, and he talked about becoming an official developer. About the NM process, and what his daily tasks are as a Debian Maintainer.
Panel Discussion
  • Ohura: how's sarge?
  • Muto: The main publicised reason for delaying release is that we will release when it's ready and when RC bug count is 0. However, the main blocker currently is that we are lacking a crucial part of buildd architecture in Debian to allow building security updates for sarge. This is caused by human resource, and due to a stake-holder being non-communicative about problems. If this problem is solved, the 30-day release-plan that the release team have prepared can be started. As for the installer, we will probably release a version around Hallowe'en, and that will be a milestone.
  • Sacha: I came from Phillippines, could you sign my key? I am maintainer for emacs-wiki.
  • Anonymous: Can we do keysigning?
  • Ohura: We couldn't allocate a time-slot, but we can do it after this session somewhere around.
  • Anonymous: There was a talk about the foreign people, but there wasn't a talk about domestic developers, can we at least introduce those who are here?
  • imai: I am doing the web maintenance
  • kinoshita: I am doing emacs-related things
  • uekawa: maintaining pbuilder, I used to do supercomputing.
  • nokubi: nkf, etc. Used to do IrDA. I don't use notebook PCs much anymore. I am sponsoring Tsuchiya, and I will probably sponsor gNiibe also.
  • Muto:
  • Sugiura: I am in the NM queue. Doing webdav, ruby, xmms mp3 Japanese plugin, etc.
  • Maeda: I'm doing Ruby.
  • gNiibe of FSIJ: gauche-gtk, gauche-gl, and such packages that are seldom used.
  • Sacha: Oohashi is my sponsor.
  • Yabuki: Thanks everyone for coming, it's nice to have a Debian BOF at last in Kansai-OS. I will very much like it to happen next year also. If you can help, I will be shouting in Debian-JP mailing list, let us do it.

22 Oct 2004

20:40:35 # Life I am considering restoring pbuilder-uml as a separate package from pbuilder. It might save me from marking changelogs with UML: prefix all over... That way I can start working on getting pbuilder-uml working for sarge+1.

20:41:44 # Life There is going to be a Debian BOF tomorrow in Kansai region of Japan. It should be nice to see developers in Japan assembled over there.

20 Oct 2004

08:30:06 # Life I've removed pbuilder-uml from pbuilder package in unstable today; due to removal of user-mode-linux from sarge. Hopefully we will handle user-mode-linux better in the future.

18 Oct 2004

09:32:19 # Life user-mode-linux package is apparently going to be removed from sarge due to its non-maintenance state. Bug# 276992 arrived against pbuilder, requesting dropping of support for user-mode-linux. However, it should be possible to craft one's own user-mode-linux package created using kernel-package. One problem is that pbuilder-uml depends on a package that doesn't exist in the archive. Should be a good way to solve this situation; if many people are using their own user-mode-linux kernel and get them working, it should be possible to have a user-mode-linux binary in Debian.

14 Oct 2004

07:59:52 # Life The BTS is not a replacement for a manual, please read the manual before submitting wishlist for a feature...

If there was a karma associated with bugreports, and bugreports were classified with that matrix instead, and if that encourages bugs with patches and proper documentation, it would be interesting.

9 Oct 2004

09:43:54 # Life Updated docs on pbuilder. Things were rather accumulated, but I somehow processed a bunch of them.

2 Oct 2004

20:57:43 # Life I tried running Doom on ibook (Debian). I couldn't run lxdoom, which seems to complain it cannot get the monitor configured properly, but I could get prboom to run properly.

1 Oct 2004

08:14:11 # Life I've been looking at requests on pbuilder to change default configs. I'm not quite sure about wishlist bugs requesting default configs to be changed. There are two questions: 1. Why not configure it yourself? 2. Why does it have to be propagated to everyone?

Junichi Uekawa

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