Daily blurbs Sep. 2004


daily blurbs

6 Sep 2004

07:51:33 # Life According to removals.txt, Maintainer requested removal of doc++, removing mozilla-ldapsdk(?) which was supposed to be the only package requiring doc++ to build. There are actually about 10 packages which require doc++. mozilla-ldapsdk used doc++ for javadoc replacement, most other packages use doc++ for C comment extractor.

5 Sep 2004

13:28:05 # Life Apparently doc++ package was removed for not-clear-reason. I've googled around but the only relevant message I could find was that of Martin saying bugs can be closed because the package was removed; and was superceded by gjdoc. I've checked gjdoc only parses java. A almost equivalent package to doc++ is doxygen, but they are not entirely compatible.

1 Sep 2004

07:57:20 # I will probably need to find out how to specify efmt/fmt files. eTeX has changed quite a lot, and I may request reverting the change. I doubt it will be reverted. Users may need to force-configure non-etex to get whizzytex. I am suspecting that the reason whizzytex is still working for me is that I am using platex which is using ptex, which is compatible with naming convention of tex and not etex. Gah.

Junichi Uekawa

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