Daily blurbs Jul. 2003


daily blurbs

26 Jul 2003

16:28:50 # Life gworldclock i18n. It took me a long time to hack it up, since I was not accustomed to GTK2 which tries to handle all chars in UTF-8. The patch is here. The notable portions were:

	 item_factory = gtk_item_factory_new (GTK_TYPE_MENU, "<main>", NULL);
	 gtk_item_factory_set_translate_func (item_factory, translate_func, NULL, NULL);
	 gtk_item_factory_create_items (item_factory, 
	 popup = gtk_item_factory_get_widget (item_factory, "<main>");

set_translate_func here.

const gchar* 
translate_func (const gchar * s, gpointer * v)
     translation function used for itemfactory
     added by dancerj, Junichi Uekawa, 26 Jul 2003.
  return gettext(s);


  bindtextdomain(PACKAGE_NAME, LOCALEDIR);
  bind_textdomain_codeset (PACKAGE_NAME, "UTF-8");

25 Jul 2003

07:22:43 # Life UNIX version 7 source code to printf looks beautiful.

19 Jul 2003

06:47:42 # Today's hack Updated RDF generator. It doesn't seem to be fully functional.

09:00:15 # Today's hack Update ecasound2.2 build rules so that documentation gets installed properly.

17 Jul 2003

06:51:33 # Today's hack I've managed to get RDF generation working in dancer-diary. However, I don't know how to check if it really works.

13 Jul 2003

20:10:09 # Life Found that there is a trackback for elisp implemented on 10 Jul 2003. google couldn't find it yesterday, but it does find it now. Interesting to see a different and elegant implementation. probably here, currently not available and google cache

12 Jul 2003

18:12:30 # Life Added trackback ping send ability to dancer-diary.el. It is quite interesting. I don't think it is possible to extend this system to receive trackback pings; but anyway, ideas are flowing inside my head.

23:34:32 # Life Is dancer-diary.el the first elisp to implement trackback protocol?

8 Jul 2003

22:04:51 # Life Updated documentation for pbuilder. I consider important that documentation reflects the bug reports, so that users won't have to search over the Internet. Internet has some good information, but it is not always updated and never centrally controlled. You never know whether to trust information on the Net.

6 Jul 2003

11:58:59 # Life I'm now on FTTH connection. It's good. It's fast. Faster by a degree of 1000 times than what I used to use until this morning.

23:27:19 # Life pppoeconf for woody didn't set my password for some reason. pppoe took 100% CPU power, and I panicked.

3 Jul 2003

00:06:04 # Life Emacs-wiki fix propagated to upstream, and it's now released.

2 Jul 2003

23:13:51 # Life Received patch against update-cluster to support po-debconf, so I switched things over. It's so much easier to handle than before...

1 Jul 2003

21:04:10 # Life Response from Greg KH, saying that my patch does not apply cleanly on 2.4.22-pre3, so I need to resend the patch against the latest (unreleased) source. Do I venture into bitkeeper?

Junichi Uekawa

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