Diary for year 2001, March


I am going to do this month in the Changelog order.

Evaluation of HURD. Contributing to make Debian-JP a more lively project. Hopefully making things work more freely.

daily blurbs

2001 Mar 30

I'm dreaming about a CVS proxy software. FILTR seems to be an interesting CVS software. Also Aegis looks promising. But nothing that does what I really want it to do, and maybe I go off and code some scripts. It's interesting how easy things can be accomplished using scripts.

2001 Mar 28

I've put the programs I've written to demonstrate sockets up on the web for people to see. If you are interested, that is. It has some dirty hacks, and I am rather worried about their usefulness.

Trying to edit XEmacs fonts. I need a good font for using XEmacs. I am rather fed up with the current set up. So I went out and done some research. To use with XEmacs, one would expect that the font to be fixed-width. That is one important character. Looking at X fonts is rather difficult, because it is a spaghetti of aliases. Avante Garde Gothic seems to qualify fine. But I don't like the look of it. Same with Bookman. Clean Is rather good, but seems like it is a fixed-width font. Courier is okay. Fixed is fine too, but rather too wide for my liking. Courier is rather more sparse than I want. Lucida Typewriter seems to be rather good. I kinda like it. Nimbus Mono seems to be okay. Nimus sans I don't like. terminal seems too thick, and everything, but the size of the character itself is good (It is a fixed font?). I like the looks of Times font, if it were not proportional. In conclusion, fixed seems to be the best answer.

I've just noticed that C-x 4 a results in adding a new entry for a Changelog. This is good. I like that. I was looking for such a keystroke, and It took me a great amount of shit to find out. One good book to read: the Emacs Info.

2001 Mar 27

I have bought some rubber object to quiet my PC down, but it seems it is not good enough yet. I need to be able to do more. It seems like it is requisite to make the machine a bit more heavy. It will be much more quiet when I get it to be so.

Trying to use etags with source-viewing. I think it was quite a good tool the last time I tried to use it. The command line I used this time is find . -name \*.[chS] | etags - and I thought this should be good enough. But maybe I was wrong. I don't know. I tried doing Meta-. and it seems to be working.

2001 Mar 26

Beast: this thing is getting ages to compile. Running autoconf on the build machine made the problem go away, so I guessed that the problem was that changes to configure.in was not reflected in the version of configure script that I have sent around with Beast.

2001 Mar 23

Life is always quite strange. I was dining with those people and I was dining with this girl I thought I would never dine with. She didn't drink much. She took a sip of beer, and that was all. I thought she should drink. This is absurd.

2001 Mar 22

CVS: the lesson with CVS is to update before touching anything, and commit before quitting. Finding something which has not been committed, and not knowing what it was is not a pleasant experience.

pstoedit seems like an interesting program. It can generate editable data from PDF files.

I need to check out ttrk the sequencer. MIDI sequencer, it seems. The music region of Linux software is a large virgin field in terms of Debian. I see a lot of projects lying around waiting to be packaged. I am planning to write a MIDI sequencer if I do not find something that is good enough. After all, I like coding, and some project which just makes my brain start working is good enough. (However, me feels the fear that trying to write a MIDI software will further deviate me from music composition work...)

2001 Mar 21

I was down for a day. I had a severe pain in my stomach. This is a bad news, I daresay.

Planning a installation trip at my friend's house. He has a machine which has i815E chipset. I don't know if potato capable with handling that.

Changed the arrangement around the computer. It feels much better. How it is set up around the computer is rather important, because when things are not set up comfortably, I will be paying the price for it later physically.

Reading debian-user, I found ted the rtf editor. This is interestring. No Japanese support, I suppose. Also, xpw, the Word processor from siag office, seems to be able to handle rtf.

2001 Mar 19

I changed my web scripting system to be in CVS. I think I shall manage. This would be better now. I don't know and I am not quite sure about everything. But I guess.

I think I need to move things over to cvs. My repositories need some parallel handling for sure. I don't want to keep on getting into the other machine all the time. I need to keep a synchronized repository somewhere. I am not quite sure where tho'.

2001 Mar 17

Hanging with a girl is an essential part of school life. However, I do believe hanging with a girl distracts with my current projects. When I do not have any provision to meet a girl, I do a great amount of work. When I know that I am going to meet the girl in the next 48 hours or so, I am too distracted to do much work. Maybe I am too young. No, I have gotten quite old (in my own humble opinion). I can't hack 24 hours a day anymore. But well, that's life. Time goes, and things go away; the things that I took for granted were something very precious.

2001 Mar 16

I have drank a lot with my mates. It doesn't happen often

I think I have a conflict of interest with my girl. This is absurd, but she does not appreciate what I do for her, and in fact, she thinks that she is being distracted by what I am doing with regards to her. I am quite upset, and unhappy about it. I don't think this is something tolerable. I don't like this situation at all. I am not satisfied. I know I don't get satisfaction out of these kind of things very easily, but this is nuts. As if I like being submissive.

2001 Mar 15

I went to a tea ceremony today. This was good. It took place in Yasaka Jinja's Seisei Kan (or something like that). This whole thing only took one hour of my day, but I was rather impressed. Wow.

2001 Mar 14

wildfire does sweep, I need to go and get him and ask about ladspa.

2001 Mar 13

Uploaded beast -2. I fixed the build-depends as per Benc. He's doing a good job. Other porters are quiet recently. I wonder why.

I'm writing a guide to the GNU Hurd. I am currently stuck with gnumach. And what makes this more interesting is that I am writing this in NROFF format. In the amazingly popular me macro. Wow. I like this. It's fun. The only reference for the me format is man groff_me documentation.

2001 Mar 12

I have heard a rumour that cvs co -c lists a list of valid module names. humph

2001 Mar 10

Trouble with licensing issues is quite difficult. People are reluctant to resolve the issue usually, because they were happy with the previous state, and to change the license, it requires there to be an agreement. This is made more difficult often because people start flamewars about whether GPL is better than BSD. I don't really care which is better. I want something which is DFSG free. If it has little drawbacks and sideeffects, I would like to see it done. Debian has this attitude towards everything, and I think I am proud of it; although I am a little tired. I have heard that SuSE ships LADSPA, but as Debian is a distribution which has a philosophy, it won't enter Debian as it is. Only claiming for "free use", and not allowing modification, would never enter Debian. There is a tendency that API should not be changeable by others, but that is hardly true. I think something that claims to be an Open Source API should be Open Source itself. (and my daily blurb goes on.)

My Athlon machine (the new one) doesn't like Quake. It dies hard with Quake, and I'm rather pissed off with it.

This is interesting; how to do things (in generic manner) in Debian. Installing new packages, being careful about updates, building custom versions of packages. Making them very short would be very wise.

I think I want to hack around in boot-floppies, since no one else seems to be hacking it for Japanese translation.

Richard Braakman is dark, and I didn't know that. Good.

2001 Mar 4

Someone was talking about 31337 H4X0RZ in debian-devel. Interesting.

libldsap-nss seems like an interesting solution alternative to NIS.

2001 Mar 3

Good, ssh is fixed.

Finally I am free from the exams. It was a long and tiring session. I need to fix up quite a few things.

Building BEAST. I think there needs to be some architecture where debhelper needs to be customized. I don't like the way dh_installmanpages works (specifying the pages NOT to be included).

hmm... ecawave/qtecasound have problems in the version scheme. I need to put an epoch to move over to the new versioning. This is bad.

2001 Mar 2

ssh 1:2.5.1p1-1.5 is broken. The postinst is fucked. It gives me an error. The if statement about the dpkg-statoverride is wrong. This is annoying. This guy Christian is doing about 20 NMUs so far, and where is Philip Hands? I file a bug, and it will get to Phil Hands, not Christian Kurz, where it should be.

Junichi Uekawa

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