wysihtml-mode - WYSIWYG HTML / DocBook XML utility for emacs

Initial aims

While using whizzytex, I've had an urge to edit DocBook XML just like when using whizzytex. To achieve that goal, I worked on the problem through the first days of year 2003. First, HTML editing was implemented, and later DocBook XML was implemented.


Using emacs lisp, I used post-command-hook to detect changes in the buffer, and to send information to C program, which uses heuristics to signal mozilla to reload buffer. In loading HTML file to mozilla, emacs uses elserv to provide the currently editing buffer without saving to a file.

To implement DocBook processing, part of the XML that is relevant to the current cursor position is cut out, and served to xsltproc through elserv, and xsltproc gives out the HTML to mozilla.


It is not very interactive as whizzytex is, but it is quite decently interesting.

It allows use of psgml mode and also allows use of mozilla rendering.

However, qemacs looks much better...


Download area has the sources. There is an official Debian package now.

Uses elserv to serve the page. For DocBook XML, xsltproc, and ldp-docbook-stylesheets are required.


After extracting the tarball, build with ./configure ; make ; make install. It will create /usr/local/share/wysihtml/wysihtml.el, and /usr/local/share/wysihtml/wysidocbookxml.el so add something like (load-file "/usr/local/share/wysihtml/wysihtml.el") (load-file "/usr/local/share/wysihtml/wysidocbookxml.el") to your .emacs file. M-x wysihtml-mode will enable wysihtml mode, M-x wysidocbookxml-mode will enable wysidocbookxml mode.

Usage screen

It is now mostly working, but very slow. With ctrl-l, it tries to redisplay the current location.

WYSIHTML with text

WYSIHTML with images


Similar projects

Junichi Uekawa

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