24 Sep 2006 (Sun)

00:58:06 # Life Using soap in ruby. In hacking apt-listbugs and getting something usable out of debian.org machines, and to fight against the inertia of not allowing direct access to db-h, I decided to give the SOAP backend a try. Apart from the problem of non-existing documentation and non-functional implementation, with much help from Don Armstrong, I got something working. Due to the fact that only one HTTP request is required for obtaining the bunch of bug reports, it might be actually suited for apt-listbugs. I'm a bit worried about the load, tho'. soap4r was also very much painful to work with, with its lack of useful documentation.

12:11:58 # Life Updated linux-uvc. I've synced with upstream svn repos, and applied new patch incorporating iMac support. I fixed a problem which it didn't correctly detect iSight, and now it's working again. I'm waiting for success/failure reports from iMac users.

22:02:58 # Life I now have a local version that works with SOAP. apt-listbugs can query bugs.donarmstrong.com for bug details. It's not released, yet.

22:13:55 # Life Summarizing this month's Tokyo Debian meeting. Last weekend was another of Tokyo Debian meeting. It is a monthly meeting held in Tokyo, Japan. 12 people attended. Kobayashi, akedo, Sawada, Komuro, Kitahara, Eto, Nokubi, Takasugi, Maeda, Mitsuka, Iwamatsu, and I. Report follows:

Junichi Uekawa

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