Daily blurbs Sep. 2006


daily blurbs

27 Sep 2006 (Wed)

00:10:58 # Life SOAP interface for apt-listbugs. It is now deployed. Package already uploaded to unstable, and waiting in incoming right now. Please try out. The logic hasn't changed much, but the information retrieval backend is completely different and uses SOAP BTS interface.

26 Sep 2006 (Tue)

08:07:23 # Life apt-listbugs change hits unstable, and merkel. Looking at merkel.debian.org logs, the result of 24-hours after release of apt-listbugs is obvious. There are around 16000 HTTP GETs generated by apt-listbugs, from 700 unique IPs. It's surprising to see that many people are running unstable and using apt-listbugs and updated the package overnight. For db-h .status files, one HTTP GET is required for each bug ID, which means it will require about 10 status files per system. We will see how it compares with a single SOAP request per system. I am now waiting for bugs.debian.org reconfiguration to happen.

24 Sep 2006 (Sun)

00:58:06 # Life Using soap in ruby. In hacking apt-listbugs and getting something usable out of debian.org machines, and to fight against the inertia of not allowing direct access to db-h, I decided to give the SOAP backend a try. Apart from the problem of non-existing documentation and non-functional implementation, with much help from Don Armstrong, I got something working. Due to the fact that only one HTTP request is required for obtaining the bunch of bug reports, it might be actually suited for apt-listbugs. I'm a bit worried about the load, tho'. soap4r was also very much painful to work with, with its lack of useful documentation.

12:11:58 # Life Updated linux-uvc. I've synced with upstream svn repos, and applied new patch incorporating iMac support. I fixed a problem which it didn't correctly detect iSight, and now it's working again. I'm waiting for success/failure reports from iMac users.

22:02:58 # Life I now have a local version that works with SOAP. apt-listbugs can query bugs.donarmstrong.com for bug details. It's not released, yet.

22:13:55 # Life Summarizing this month's Tokyo Debian meeting. Last weekend was another of Tokyo Debian meeting. It is a monthly meeting held in Tokyo, Japan. 12 people attended. Kobayashi, akedo, Sawada, Komuro, Kitahara, Eto, Nokubi, Takasugi, Maeda, Mitsuka, Iwamatsu, and I. Report follows:

22 Sep 2006 (Fri)

00:04:15 # Life elserv maintenance. I've taken up elserve maintenance and decided to work on the bugreports. I've just now addressed all the problems, and all existing bug reports are now closed. There are probably more bugs, so I welcome bugreports. I am currently suspecting that es-demo isn't really functional.

07:12:06 # Life refit maintenance. I've tried to package 0.8, the new upstream version of rEFIt bootloader. However, I noticed that it requires EFI 1.1. gnu-efi package only provides something around EFI 1.0 or 0.whatever, and it needs upgrading. Hmmm..

3 Sep 2006 (Sun)

18:00:29 # Life Battle against using SQL from C. I thought standards are good, but most of the times they are ugly. About the only good reference on ODBC is available from Microsoft, and this standard allows you to enjoy programming at a Win32-API level. It gives you a k00l h4X0r factor equal to kernel programming, really. I coded up some kind of sample implementation for doing some SQL select, and insert, but this is too bad. I don't think I can stand it. And then I looked at odbc++, and found out that it doesn't even build. 385801. There seems to be some discrepancy around ODBC spec. Grmbl. Nobody using SQL from C or C++ these days?

I received a suggestion to use libpqxx. Which sounds nice. OTL looks promising with regards to cross-database tool for C++, but not sure about its licensing since it predates most of open source woes. It should really be possible to do a select * from table and map the result to an array of struct with decent types if a schema is given. It might just be too difficult for statically typed language, I suppose.

2 Sep 2006 (Sat)

21:21:18 # Life Mactel Debian presentation. Apparently, there is a recording of the presentation session. Follow the link to see me present with a MacBook, about Debian.

1 Sep 2006 (Fri)

09:18:59 # Life What I've been doing and planning to do. I haven't gotten around to getting MacBook sleep. That's probably a high priority thing.

Junichi Uekawa

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