Daily blurbs Oct. 2023


daily blurbs

6 Oct 2023 (Fri)

18:55:13 # Life Sick with COVID-19 and flu. This time around we had two different things going around the household. Failure to isolate the second case in the household resulted in more cases.

2023/9/25COVID-19 day 0
2023/9/26COVID-19 day 1
2023/9/27COVID-19 day 2flu day 0
2023/9/28COVID-19 day 3flu day 1
2023/9/29COVID-19 day 4flu day 2
2023/9/30COVID-19 day 5flu day 3flu day 0
2023/10/1flu day 4flu day 1
2023/10/2flu day 0flu day 5flu day 2
2023/10/3flu day 1sick offflu day 3
2023/10/4flu day 2flu day 4
2023/10/5flu day 3flu day 5
2023/10/6flu day 4
2023/10/7flu day 5

3 Oct 2023 (Tue)

17:16:54 # Life Electronic receipt storage in Japan. Japan also started allowing electronic data for receipts, but had some red tape associated with it. Presumably they were worried about increase in fraud cases. Law amendment that went in effet Jan 2022 made the last annoying bits simpler. We used to be required to sign the paper receipt and scan within 3 days of receiving the receipt. This special requirement is now gone. It took a few years to reach this state but now we are at a similar state as our colleagues in the US. Nice.

1 Oct 2023 (Sun)

18:48:12 # Life Family member getting sick, and I'm starting to feel bad. This is bad.

Junichi Uekawa